Monthly Archives: March 2004

My Family!

Yes, I’m becoming a father for the first time, but I’ve been a Dad longer. Yes maybe I wasn’t there for my girls birth, but they are every much a part of me as their new siblings. I can remember being much younger and feeling crushed at the thought of never having kids. Yeah I know that’s a strange thing for someone so young to worry about, but you must remember I was the melancholic kid :-) Anyway when Sherri and I first met thins was still a very strong feeling. However of the course of a year or so, this feeling was concealed behind a painting somewhere in my cluttered brain. Yes I still really wanted more children, but I was fortunate enough to have two really great kids already. I don’t pretend in any way to be the greatest Dad. I have my flaws as I’m sure my two will tell you, but I always try to be fair. “Hey girls if you want someone to blame, you blame your Granddad, I learnt from the best :-)

A house full of babies terrifies me, yet I’m strangely calm. Actually calm maybe isn’t the best word, maybe excited would be better. I realize I’m the one having it easy. Sherri is the one having to lug around two babies or the next 7 or so months. All I can do is be there and be as supportive as I can. As a family our lives are about to take a 90 degree angle turn at 100 miles an hour, but as a family we can take it like skipping over a puddle. Together.

Oi! Where are you lot going?

Yes I know my train of thought is shot to pieces and I tend to hop, skip and jump around, but on the way into work we saw the geese migrating back to Canada after their winter hols in Florida. Anyway my mind got to thinking, why do they bother coming back? Why not just stay where it’s nice and warm? My biggest question was how do they know they are in Canada? Also where are they all heading? Is there a place in Canada with a high density of geese? Nature is a funny thing. All winter the wildlife just disappears. I know some of them hibernate, like squirrels and groundhogs, but what happens to the rest. You never see many pigeons or sparrows during the winter. Are they envious of their migrating cousins come winter? Does this cause bad blood when the geese return flaunting their tans? The biggest questions is how much duty free are they allowed to carry across the border :-) Make you wonder doesn’t it.

Dos, Zwei, Due, Dois, Deux, Two!!!

Wow what a morning. Sherri has been feeling a pain in her abdomen on and off for a couple of days. Every now and then she’d get a sharp pain. I was a little concerned, as was she, but as we had an ultrasound appointment coming on Friday, she thought she’d wait till then. Last night she had the pain again and I convinced her to call the hospital this morning. The doctor said to come in straight away for a checkup which we did. The drive over was horrible, obviously we didn’t want to think the worst, but… anyway I’m sure you can understand what was going through our heads.

We got to the hospital and the doctor explained that an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy was a possibility, but he believed the pains were due to Sherri having large ovaries at present, but he said we’d better have an ultrasound just to make sure. And here’s the result.

It's TwinsWell believe it or not, those two dark areas towards the centre of the picture are our children. Yes I said children, we’re having twins :-) At first the doctor only found one embryotic sac and to be honest we were over the moon. It’s funny though my muddled male brain reasoned “Hey you guys put two eggs in, there should be two babies”, but I didn’t question him at all, I was just extremely relieved that the baby is doing fine. Then I noticed a small dark patch flash on the monitor, a few seconds later it flashed again. This time the doctor noticed it and said we were having twins. Well you can still knock me over with a feather. It’s still early days yet, but mother and children are doing fine. The father is in cloud cuckoo land, but I’m sure I’ll come back down to earth soon.

Goodbye Christmas!

Well it’s official, Christmas is over. I know what you are saying, but I’m saying it’s only just over as today I took down our Christmas decorations. Today was a beautiful day, so I finally got the ladder out and did a bit of a tidy up out front. All the hooks for the lights are still up, so next year, putting up he decorations should be a breeze. However all is not good with the world. The wife said to me today “So you took down the lights in the tree?”…………….. DOH! Oh well that will give me something to do next weekend.

Today was also a day, where us guys were sorely outnumbered. Alanna is having a birthday sleep-over tonight, so there’s 6 of her friends, Mandi, the Wife and Alanna. Just me and da Kosmo to roll our eyes and wish for some quiet time down the pub. We he would say that if he could, I know my buddy.

Rounding the day of was a pretty decent hockey game against the Black Death of Hockey clubs……… Toronto. A pretty entertaining game,even though it did end up in a tie. Next weekend should be a hoot, Toronto again, last game of the season………… bring out the stretchers.


Well spring is definitely coming. Today it’s gonna be around 17c, which is a pleasant change from the crap weather we’ve been having lately. It’s unbelievable that I was again shovelling the driveway on Monday. Anyway with the recent warm weather comes the unpleasant task of tidying up the garden. “What leaves and twigs?” I hear you ask. No it’s something far worse than that……….. the dreaded dog (insert popular euphemism for turds here). Now I keep pretty much up to date with keeping the garden clean, but when the dog goes outside and it’s minus 20, there are going to be the occasional accidents that just don’t get cleaned up. The recent warm weather uncovers all kinds of doggy gems and this morning it was time to do the patrol before the warm weather today. It’s much easier to pick up when the night has chilled it, than when the warm weather has turned it into a chocolate pool. Anyway garden is now nice and tidy and the dog has been instructed to pick up after himself and to use no more than 2 sheets of paper when wiping………….. yeah right :-)

Time for Pipe and Slippers?

My god what is happening to me. Two nights in a row that I’ve been in bed around 10pm. Maybe I’m having a parallel pregnancy with the wife. She’s been in bed around 8pm the last few nights. I suppose it’s hard for her. Her hormones must be racing around like Jacques Villneuve……. no wait there make that Michael Shumacher he’s actually racing at the moment :-) . Talking of the old hormones, I have a joke, now maybe it’s not politically correct, but since when have I ever been politically correct? LOL

Q. What’s the difference between an Asprin and a Hormone?

A. You can’t make an Asprin.

It may take a while for that one to filter, but it made me laugh. Anyway no excuses for going to bed early tonight. The mighty Sens play Montreal tonight……. let’s hope the team I know and love turn up tonight and not the inconstant also rans of late. Yes I know that may be a bit scathing, but come on, we are one of the best (if not the best) team in the league, when we decide to play. Maybe we are just back peddling until the play-offs, I can live with that as long as we put in a stellar performance then. TTFN.

Whatever Happened to "Hi neighbor!" ?

I like to think that I’m pretty easy to get on with. I realise I’m not that most chatty of people, well in real life anyway, but hopefully I radiate an aura of “Hey there, how’s it going?”. Anyway I got home last night to find a letter in our mailbox from one of the neighbor’s. I say one of the neighbor’s as they didn’t identify themselves. Anyway it basically said I was making too much noise in the morning shovelling the driveway so could I stop as it was waking them up. Hey I have no problem with that what so ever. Maybe I am a little over zealous with the scrapping and the dragging and the diggy pokey motion. The thing that really irks me, is that they chose to type this note up on the computer and then to cap it off not identify who it was from. What is the world coming to. Can neighbor’s not knock on the door and express their concerns. I realise we are fairly new neighbor’s and not many people know us yet, but isn’t that one way to get to know your neighbor’s better? Anyway rant of the day over.

P.S. “Hey neighbor, notice received and understood, my early morning antics are over. If you’re reading this, come over and introduce yourself . Maybe we can have a beer, but be sure to bring a 24 pack :-)

"Tell me about your childhood."

I realise my life is never going to be the same again, but I have no way of comprehending how it’s going to be. Sure I’ve been around babies before, hey I’ve even changed the odd nappy or two. I feel like I have a little devil and angel on each shoulder. The little devil is my male bravado. “Hey don’t worry mate, it’s gonna be a cakewalk. How can a little bundle cause you any problems. You’re a man, hurggggm hurrrg, hurrrgh”. Then on the other shoulder I have the voice of joys yet to come. “Don’t forget you have to buy tons of clothes, nappies and baby stuff. You’re going to need to sleep when you can, cos a baby works to their own body clock….. ‘Waaaaaaaaah, It’s 3:30am, waaaaaaaaaa feed me!’ “. But do you know what, none of this phases me……. yet. I’m sure I’ll manage one way or another. My Dad did, although I’m sure to get all the horror stories of what a pain I was :-) Some will say I’m still a pain, but I like to sweep those statements well under the carpet.

Now I really am rambling, but I don’t care. I like to think of this type of venting as therapy. Cos you know I won’t be able to afford a psychiatrist now :-) LOL

Somebody Pinch Me!

I can tell you I’m still up there in Cloud 9 and finding it hard to find my feet. It’s like the flood gates of my mind have opened. This can be a good and a bad thing. I’m thinking about all the great things to come. Holding a baby(s) in my arms, knowing that the small bundle is totally reliant on me. Knowing that no matter what I do I’ll always be their Dad. I can’t help also overthinking things. What if………. I know it’s to be expected and I’ll deal with it, hey that is the least of my worries. I have 8 more months of an expectant wife to look forward to :-) It still doesn’t seem real. We’ve waited so long for this, that I’m still finding it hard to believe. Hopefully when we go for the ultrasound things will seem a bit more real. What can I say we Pisceans are eternal dreamers, we sometimes need a kick up the backside to let us know reality is here :-) As the wife will no doubt attest to, I sometimes need a kick up the backside just because :-)

I’m very lucky to already have three wonderful girls. My wife and my two children. I know that this is gonna be a rollercoaster ride for all of us, but I’m looking forward to sharing everything. Are you ready to change Nappies girls ? :-)

Anyway I’ve babbled on long enough. A new working weeks is upon us and time waits for no man.

We are Pregnant!

Yes I know I’m not Pregnant, but I’m using the royal We here. The Family Meeks is going to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet. After 3.5 years of trying, Sherri is carrying my baby(ies) and we look forward to hearing the sound of tiny feet towards the end of November. Yesterday was a bit of a blur. We went to the hospital around 7:30am for blood tests, went for breakfast after and then headed home. From then on it was a matter sitting and trying not to pace the floor too much until we got the phone call we were waiting for. I’m still pretty much on cloud nine. I can’t believe that in a few short months we’ll be staring into the eyes of a new baby(ies).

Some of you may not be too surprised by my news. I have hinted that something big was coming, but didn’t want to say anything more until we were sure. There’s still a lot to tell, but I’m going to save that until another day. I’m even contemplating setting up a separate site so everyone can follow our progress.