We are Pregnant!

Yes I know I’m not Pregnant, but I’m using the royal We here. The Family Meeks is going to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet. After 3.5 years of trying, Sherri is carrying my baby(ies) and we look forward to hearing the sound of tiny feet towards the end of November. Yesterday was a bit of a blur. We went to the hospital around 7:30am for blood tests, went for breakfast after and then headed home. From then on it was a matter sitting and trying not to pace the floor too much until we got the phone call we were waiting for. I’m still pretty much on cloud nine. I can’t believe that in a few short months we’ll be staring into the eyes of a new baby(ies).

Some of you may not be too surprised by my news. I have hinted that something big was coming, but didn’t want to say anything more until we were sure. There’s still a lot to tell, but I’m going to save that until another day. I’m even contemplating setting up a separate site so everyone can follow our progress.

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