"Tell me about your childhood."

I realise my life is never going to be the same again, but I have no way of comprehending how it’s going to be. Sure I’ve been around babies before, hey I’ve even changed the odd nappy or two. I feel like I have a little devil and angel on each shoulder. The little devil is my male bravado. “Hey don’t worry mate, it’s gonna be a cakewalk. How can a little bundle cause you any problems. You’re a man, hurggggm hurrrg, hurrrgh”. Then on the other shoulder I have the voice of joys yet to come. “Don’t forget you have to buy tons of clothes, nappies and baby stuff. You’re going to need to sleep when you can, cos a baby works to their own body clock….. ‘Waaaaaaaaah, It’s 3:30am, waaaaaaaaaa feed me!’ “. But do you know what, none of this phases me……. yet. I’m sure I’ll manage one way or another. My Dad did, although I’m sure to get all the horror stories of what a pain I was :-) Some will say I’m still a pain, but I like to sweep those statements well under the carpet.

Now I really am rambling, but I don’t care. I like to think of this type of venting as therapy. Cos you know I won’t be able to afford a psychiatrist now :-) LOL

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