Whatever Happened to "Hi neighbor!" ?

I like to think that I’m pretty easy to get on with. I realise I’m not that most chatty of people, well in real life anyway, but hopefully I radiate an aura of “Hey there, how’s it going?”. Anyway I got home last night to find a letter in our mailbox from one of the neighbor’s. I say one of the neighbor’s as they didn’t identify themselves. Anyway it basically said I was making too much noise in the morning shovelling the driveway so could I stop as it was waking them up. Hey I have no problem with that what so ever. Maybe I am a little over zealous with the scrapping and the dragging and the diggy pokey motion. The thing that really irks me, is that they chose to type this note up on the computer and then to cap it off not identify who it was from. What is the world coming to. Can neighbor’s not knock on the door and express their concerns. I realise we are fairly new neighbor’s and not many people know us yet, but isn’t that one way to get to know your neighbor’s better? Anyway rant of the day over.

P.S. “Hey neighbor, notice received and understood, my early morning antics are over. If you’re reading this, come over and introduce yourself . Maybe we can have a beer, but be sure to bring a 24 pack :-)

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