Time for Pipe and Slippers?

My god what is happening to me. Two nights in a row that I’ve been in bed around 10pm. Maybe I’m having a parallel pregnancy with the wife. She’s been in bed around 8pm the last few nights. I suppose it’s hard for her. Her hormones must be racing around like Jacques Villneuve……. no wait there make that Michael Shumacher he’s actually racing at the moment :-) . Talking of the old hormones, I have a joke, now maybe it’s not politically correct, but since when have I ever been politically correct? LOL

Q. What’s the difference between an Asprin and a Hormone?

A. You can’t make an Asprin.

It may take a while for that one to filter, but it made me laugh. Anyway no excuses for going to bed early tonight. The mighty Sens play Montreal tonight……. let’s hope the team I know and love turn up tonight and not the inconstant also rans of late. Yes I know that may be a bit scathing, but come on, we are one of the best (if not the best) team in the league, when we decide to play. Maybe we are just back peddling until the play-offs, I can live with that as long as we put in a stellar performance then. TTFN.

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