Well spring is definitely coming. Today it’s gonna be around 17c, which is a pleasant change from the crap weather we’ve been having lately. It’s unbelievable that I was again shovelling the driveway on Monday. Anyway with the recent warm weather comes the unpleasant task of tidying up the garden. “What leaves and twigs?” I hear you ask. No it’s something far worse than that……….. the dreaded dog (insert popular euphemism for turds here). Now I keep pretty much up to date with keeping the garden clean, but when the dog goes outside and it’s minus 20, there are going to be the occasional accidents that just don’t get cleaned up. The recent warm weather uncovers all kinds of doggy gems and this morning it was time to do the patrol before the warm weather today. It’s much easier to pick up when the night has chilled it, than when the warm weather has turned it into a chocolate pool. Anyway garden is now nice and tidy and the dog has been instructed to pick up after himself and to use no more than 2 sheets of paper when wiping………….. yeah right :-)

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