Goodbye Christmas!

Well it’s official, Christmas is over. I know what you are saying, but I’m saying it’s only just over as today I took down our Christmas decorations. Today was a beautiful day, so I finally got the ladder out and did a bit of a tidy up out front. All the hooks for the lights are still up, so next year, putting up he decorations should be a breeze. However all is not good with the world. The wife said to me today “So you took down the lights in the tree?”…………….. DOH! Oh well that will give me something to do next weekend.

Today was also a day, where us guys were sorely outnumbered. Alanna is having a birthday sleep-over tonight, so there’s 6 of her friends, Mandi, the Wife and Alanna. Just me and da Kosmo to roll our eyes and wish for some quiet time down the pub. We he would say that if he could, I know my buddy.

Rounding the day of was a pretty decent hockey game against the Black Death of Hockey clubs……… Toronto. A pretty entertaining game,even though it did end up in a tie. Next weekend should be a hoot, Toronto again, last game of the season………… bring out the stretchers.

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