Dos, Zwei, Due, Dois, Deux, Two!!!

Wow what a morning. Sherri has been feeling a pain in her abdomen on and off for a couple of days. Every now and then she’d get a sharp pain. I was a little concerned, as was she, but as we had an ultrasound appointment coming on Friday, she thought she’d wait till then. Last night she had the pain again and I convinced her to call the hospital this morning. The doctor said to come in straight away for a checkup which we did. The drive over was horrible, obviously we didn’t want to think the worst, but… anyway I’m sure you can understand what was going through our heads.

We got to the hospital and the doctor explained that an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy was a possibility, but he believed the pains were due to Sherri having large ovaries at present, but he said we’d better have an ultrasound just to make sure. And here’s the result.

It's TwinsWell believe it or not, those two dark areas towards the centre of the picture are our children. Yes I said children, we’re having twins :-) At first the doctor only found one embryotic sac and to be honest we were over the moon. It’s funny though my muddled male brain reasoned “Hey you guys put two eggs in, there should be two babies”, but I didn’t question him at all, I was just extremely relieved that the baby is doing fine. Then I noticed a small dark patch flash on the monitor, a few seconds later it flashed again. This time the doctor noticed it and said we were having twins. Well you can still knock me over with a feather. It’s still early days yet, but mother and children are doing fine. The father is in cloud cuckoo land, but I’m sure I’ll come back down to earth soon.

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