Oi! Where are you lot going?

Yes I know my train of thought is shot to pieces and I tend to hop, skip and jump around, but on the way into work we saw the geese migrating back to Canada after their winter hols in Florida. Anyway my mind got to thinking, why do they bother coming back? Why not just stay where it’s nice and warm? My biggest question was how do they know they are in Canada? Also where are they all heading? Is there a place in Canada with a high density of geese? Nature is a funny thing. All winter the wildlife just disappears. I know some of them hibernate, like squirrels and groundhogs, but what happens to the rest. You never see many pigeons or sparrows during the winter. Are they envious of their migrating cousins come winter? Does this cause bad blood when the geese return flaunting their tans? The biggest questions is how much duty free are they allowed to carry across the border :-) Make you wonder doesn’t it.

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