My Family!

Yes, I’m becoming a father for the first time, but I’ve been a Dad longer. Yes maybe I wasn’t there for my girls birth, but they are every much a part of me as their new siblings. I can remember being much younger and feeling crushed at the thought of never having kids. Yeah I know that’s a strange thing for someone so young to worry about, but you must remember I was the melancholic kid :-) Anyway when Sherri and I first met thins was still a very strong feeling. However of the course of a year or so, this feeling was concealed behind a painting somewhere in my cluttered brain. Yes I still really wanted more children, but I was fortunate enough to have two really great kids already. I don’t pretend in any way to be the greatest Dad. I have my flaws as I’m sure my two will tell you, but I always try to be fair. “Hey girls if you want someone to blame, you blame your Granddad, I learnt from the best :-)

A house full of babies terrifies me, yet I’m strangely calm. Actually calm maybe isn’t the best word, maybe excited would be better. I realize I’m the one having it easy. Sherri is the one having to lug around two babies or the next 7 or so months. All I can do is be there and be as supportive as I can. As a family our lives are about to take a 90 degree angle turn at 100 miles an hour, but as a family we can take it like skipping over a puddle. Together.

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