Monthly Archives: May 2004

I Don’t Like Mondays!

Well all I can say is the Boomtown Rats obviously didn’t go to a job they enjoyed. It’s Monday and I get to spend all day on a computer, what more could I ask for. Got some interesting projects under way at work. I also have to make sure to get Kosmo in for his blood work today or tomorrow as his medicine runs out in a couple of days and they won’t renew the prescription until the bloodwork is done. We did have an appointment, but something came up and we had to postpone. Talking of Kosmo he’s been a bit lackadaisical the last couple of days. I assume it’s because he’s been out in the sun with us a lot more, something to watch out for though. Time waits for no m………

My Weekend!

An unusually late blog for me today. Saturday was pretty uneventful. Had to go out and buy a couple of paving stones to site the pump on for our new swimming pool, which by the way is turning out to be much more expensive than we first thought it would be. Story of my life. For the pool we have to have an outdoor power outlet wired in, we can’t use an extension from the existing outdoor power socket. We also have to get a water truck to fill the pool up, as they installers have to test it before they leave. Also we have to get separate house insurance coverage for it and also a permit from the local council. I’ll be glad when it’s in keeping me cool in the coming summer months, but it seems like it’s a money pit at the moment. Apart from that was a lazy Saturday.

Today me and Alanna watched the F1 race in Germany, not a bad race apart from the fact Schumacher won again. Went out briefly today to sign the final agreement for the pool and got a coffee on the way home. Pottered around the house doing a few odd jobs and also reading Donald Trumps book, The Art of the Deal, you never know a few things might rub off on me :-) Launched some new software on Programmed Integration and am currently working on the Windows version of Bakesys, my successful Bakery Management software. So you could say I packed in some thins this weekend.

I also managed to catch up on my email. I had loads of replies to do to emails I’d received in the last few weeks…. shame on me. Tiffany, if you’re reading this, I sent you a reply, but it bounced. I also replied to another cousin Gina who’s doing her BA, which is no mean feat. Her daughter Emma is also doing a degree, better her than me, it’s been a long time since I was in school :-)

Oh well my nice warm bed is a calling, time to reboot this weary body ready for the morning. Night!

Happy Birthday to my Darling Wife!

I just wanted to wish my beautiful wife a wonderful birthday. Things are such a rush in the mornings on a work day, but at least it is the end of the week. This morning was also a bit sluggish for me as I was up later than usual last night playing with the reincarnated Napster, that has just been officially launched in Canada. So far it’s pretty neat. I’m on day 1 of a free 7 day trial. At $9.95 a month I can listen to hundreds of thousands of tracks on demand. I only have to play extra if I want a physical copy of the song on my hard disk. Having broadband, this isn’t that much of a draw back and I’m sure there are ways around this ;-)

I’ve also been working on a new program I’m launching on my site, It’s a program to help you find stuff on your hard disk. When you have as many files as I do, this is really useful. Oh well back to the grindstone.

Hello Campers!

Back to work yesterday after the very long weekend. It’s always good to get back to the grindstone and have the opportunity to sit in front of the computer for long periods of time. No my friends that’s not sarcasm, that’s me being sad. I love my job and any excuse to get me in front of a computer is a good one.

Been taking some more video on our new DV cam and will try to string something together in the next week or so. It’s funny, you think one you get one you won’t be able to stop filming. I suppose it’s because we bought it for a specific reason and that reason isn’t here yet. Not good enough really, I must do better (mmm that appeared on a few school reports).

American Idol was won by Daffy Duck……… no not really, it was Fantasia Barino, but close enough. I have to admit though she was the better singer overall. Me finks that Diana will just slink away never to be heard of again.

Licensed to Thrill!

Well strike me down with a feather, I actually got something for free. Went and upgraded my G2 drivers license to a G license, with the aid of my UK license and I wasn’t charged a bean. Now this is unusual when it comes to government. We even have to stump up about $150 for a license for our swimming pool, but I won’t go into that now. Anyway I should get my nice new shiny plastic license in a few weeks. There was however a down side. I had to say good by to my old UK license. He wasn’t due to expire until 2036, but he’s gone to the big license place in the sky. For anyone who hasn’t seen the old style UK license, they are quite a site. It’s basically a piece of paper about 10 inches by 7 inches. There’s tons of writing on it and they it confused people when I showed it abroad. At least I have my memories :-)

What Happened to Summer?

Another day begins and I’ve yet to see a spot of sunshine. It poured down most of yesterday and looks like it’s going to do the same today. I suppose it’s too much to expect summer to start all at once and it is still only May. As mentioned yesterday I’m off work today and am going to be out and about doing various bits and pieces. Hopefully I’ll get some time tonight to potter on the puter, but maybe not.

Hey the American Idol final is on tonight. I know I shouldn’t be watching this crap, but what can I say, it’s compulsive viewing. If Fanstasia wins it, god help all of us. Yes she can sing, but her voice is just so annoying. As Simon Callow once said, she sounds like a cartoon character. He seems to have changed his tune now, but you can rest assured you’ll always get the real deal from me. Blimey, what do I sound like?

Happy Victoria Day!

Well another Victoria Day polished off for another year. It seems funny celebrating a national holiday of someone who died over 100 years ago, but hey it gives me a day off work :-) Actually I say that but I did in fact spend most of today on the computer playing with ASP.NET. For all of those of you who know nothing about computers, see ya tomorrow :-)

Still here? OK, well ASP is a way of writing dynamic web pages. That is a web page that you can actually interact with one way or another. If you’ve ever been to Google or Yahoo, then you’ll have used one of these technologies and probably not even have know. Anyway ASP.NET is a Microsoft initiative that really is incredible. I’ve been working for a week or so writing a system for handheld computers. Anyway after a few hours I managed to leverage most of the code I’d written and use this for the basis of a web version of the same system. For anyone who up on this stuff, it’s very powerful to be able to use the same code and be able to use it on different computers or operating systems. There’s nothing worse than having to keep starting from scratch. Anyway I’m still a fledgling ASP.Net programmer but loving every minute of it. If I get the time I’ll try to knock up a fun app to show you what it can do.

Anyway off to bed I go. Got lots of running about to do tomorrow. Off to the dreaded Department of Transport and Department of Health for new licenses and a new driving license.


No post yesterday, but for a good reason…. I was exceedingly knackered. Sherri woke me up at 4:30am with real bad pains in her stomach. We were really concerned as these were pains she’s never experienced before. She’d tried to bear them for a half hour or so, but finally she could take no more and woke me up. Consequently I got dressed and took her to the hospital. Can you believe we were there nearly 7 hours. At times it seemed like we were in a hospital social club. During that 7 hours we saw 2 nurses, 2 doctors and the ultrasound technician. We were comforted to see the babies briefly and their heartbeats. Anyway as things panned out, it looks like Sherri has a ton of trapped has in her bowel. She’s been burping like a Meeks, but she’s been unable to pass wind anywhere else. Anyway when we finally got home, I was famished. After we both had something to eat, we dozed on the sofa, but by the time 10pm came we were both very very tired. Sherri’s still in bed now, and I don’t think I’m gonna wake her until midday.

Apart from that I finally managed to get hold of my cousin Dennis. He’s a slippery bugger to track down sometimes :-) I told him our news as I hadn’t told him before. He’s been not too well lately, so I wanted to see how he was first. Anyway both he and his wife Clodya were overjoyed at the news.

So what does the day have in store this fine Sunday morning. Well me and Alanna have just finished watching the F1 race and it was great to see Michael Schumacher NOT winning again. Jensen Button gave Jarno Trulli a run for his money, but a first place on the podium still eludes him. Probably gonna do some grocery shopping later and then veg out for a bit. We have a nice long weekend her. Monday is Victoria Day and I’ve taken Tuesday off to get my full Canadian driving license as well as a new Health card. Sherri’s Health card also expires so it’s important for her to get that sorted too. That about wraps up my Sunday morning. I’m hoping the next few days are relatively uneventful.

The End of the Week is Upon Us!

Sometimes TV sucks. Last night with over 200 channels to choose from we couldn’t find a thing. Around 9 we finally ended up watching a biography on Ted Nugent. I must admit I knew next to nothing about him or his music except for the fact that for many years Liv Tyler grew up believing him to be her father, a fact that wasn’t mentioned in the programme at all.

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet today. Got to leave a bit early to take the girls for Timmy’s before I drop them off at the bus stop to catch their bus to school. Mmmmm now maybe I’ll have a nice doughnut with my coffee today :-)

I Hear Heartbeats!

Our appointment with the OB/Gyn went really good yesterday. We actually got to hear the little babies heartbeats. They’re still fairly quiet and the doctor had a hard time finding them, but she eventually did and it was like music to our ears. Sherri will probably kill me for saying this, but she’s suffering terrible gas at the moment. It’s the eco friendly variant, but it’s still very uncomfortable for her. Anyway the doctor recommended a few things she can take, so hopefully they will help.

We got home around 4 yesterday and after finishing my Timmy’s coffee I decided to go out and mow the front and rear lawns. Let me tell you, if you ever have the choice of buying an electric or petrol mower, get the petrol one. I HATE CABLES! God it always manages to get in my way. Anyway laws are now done for at least a couple of weeks.

Having mowed the lawns I now have the weekend to myself (famous last words). I’ve got a few computer things to do for my Dad which I need to get in the post soon. I’ve also got some ideas for new software and want to release some new stuff I’ve been working on. In between all that Kosmo has to go back to the vets for his checkup. He has to have some blood work done to make sure the medicine here’s taking, isn’t having an adverse effect.