Monthly Archives: June 2004

Never Make Corrections?

Well I broke my cardinal rule for blogging and edited the blog I made yesterday. Admittedly I edited the blog a couple of hours after I made the post, as opposed to a few days, but an edit is an edit. The reason for this edit was the amusing call I had from my wife after she read my blog. I had one sentence that made no sense and another where I referred to Patrick Lalime, the ex Ottawa Senators Goalie as Patrick Llama. This teaches us all a valuable lesson. Make sure you read what your spell checker is doing. My post yesterday was spelt beautifully, although it helps if the words it replaces the misspellings with, make sense.

As for politics, the Liberals won their 4th consecutive term yesterday, but they only managed a minority win, which apparently is the first since 1979. What this means I have no clue, maybe coalition with the NDP will keep them on the right track and prevent the awful lies of the last little while.

Hello Weekend, Goodbye Weekend

Wow what a quick weekend that was. Pretty much took it easy all weekend, except for doing the front and back lawns which nearly killed me. I can’t understand why, maybe I’m just a bit run down. Sherri is doing good, apart from some back pain. She thinks one of the babies was playing football against her back, but I’m skeptical.

Today is election day, a time for people to pick the candidate that scares them least. Tell me if I’m wrong, but that just doesn’t seem right. They’re also forecasting rain today, which apparently is never a good thing. The last election there was only a 61% turnout. It’s days like this that the also ran suddenly becomes the winner.

On a side note, Patrick Lalime, the Ottawa Senators Goalie has been traded to the St. Louis Blues. Time for a fresh slate at the beginning of the season. That is, if there is a new season this year.

Stand and Present errr……….. Yes Those!

Sherri, the girls and I went to another ultrasound last night. We had high expectations of finding out the sex, but the babies just weren’t playing ball. One was awkward to follow round, the other was curled up in a ball in the corner trying to get some sleep. I’m sure this is what I’ll be trying to do over the coming months. That said, they are both healthy and nicely formed. We got to see heads, arms, legs and bellies, if just fleetingly. Their size is on track. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for 2 weeks time and it’s mostly a sure thing that we will find out then.

Onto other stuff, I’ve completed the video of Alanna’s grad. I still can’t make a DVD of it for some reason, but I’ve made an SVCD which is a near equivalent, but lower quality. I’ll try to have a play over the weekend and make a web viewable version. Talking of the web, I’ve managed to secure some really neat games and will hopefully launch those on the website over the next few days. It’s incredible what a web browser is now capable of. I’ve got a lot of neat ideas for the website, it’s just a matter of finding the time to do them.

Politics Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

With Canada going to the elections on Monday to decide who gets a chance to run the country, it’s getting increasingly difficult to care one way or the other. As an outsider (I don’t get to vote, just yet), I have no idea what each party stands for. I know full well what is apparently wrong with each party, because all the political camps are doing an excellent job of pointing out their oppositions short comings. But where will that leave new voters or voters who have become disenchanted with their current choice.

I realise I’m living in cloud cookoo land, but I have a little manifesto of my own. Say what you are going to try to accomplish. I realise that sometimes promises are made and only after coming to power do you realise the full extent of what you promised. If a promise has to be broken, tell the electorate. Tell them why it cannot be undertaken and tell them what you are going to do instead. Don’t just one day announce the total opposite of what you originally promised. Don’t try to blame all your short comings on the party leaving office. Be true to yourself and to the people who put you in this position of power. People do not mind paying tax. People mind when taxes are increased or introduced to fix a problem and then a year or two down the line you find that the money went elsewhere. Take Britain for example, where each car has to pay a road tax. All of this money is supposedly meant to go on maintaining the roads, but you drive around London and tell me that this is where the money has gone.

I could rant for ages, but I’m sure you get my drift. The age for a new kind of politician has surely arrived, but is anyone willing to step up to the plate. Probably not, but the mind boggles to think what the political system will be like in another 10 years.


I’m staring at the screen today faced with a blank page and wondering what to say. Over a hundred posts and I think I’ve done pretty well, but there still seems to be something missing. Life of children, the wife, the house, the pool etc is all great stuff, but I have much more to say, but it’s a matter of finding my groove. Admittedly this is meant to be for me to pour out what’s on my mind, but even I’m finding it a little hard to write sometimes, which no doubt some of you out there are finding a little hard to read sometimes. I need to ponder and see if I can take things in a slightly different direction.

Our Little Princess

It’s about an hour before we have to leave. Alanna is upstairs getting ready for her grad. The last day of school and she’s gonna knock their socks off with her outfit. I won’t reveal too much, but you can be sure that the camera will be a clicking. Sherri’s got the day off, so she’ll have a chance to relax when it’s all over. I must admit to being a bit nervous myself. Large gatherings have a tendency to do that to me, but I can handle it :-)

Onwards and upwards.

Welcome to Summer

As of yesterday, Summer is officially here. It’s been really hot already, so I’m hoping we are going to have a scorcher this year. I actually forgot to mention we all went out as a family on Friday. My boss is going to England next week to get married and he had a bit of a party for a send off. It was nice to get away from things for a bit. Old farts that we are though, by 9:30pm we were beginning to flag. The wife’s got a good excuse and actually so do I, but beer is generally a poor excuse, so I won’t mention it :-)

Alanna has her graduation tomorrow. The last day of middle school and then it’s hello high school. I can’t think of anything more terrifying than the prospect of starting school all over again, arrrrrgh! Oh well at least she has a nice long break before school starts.

Happy Fathers Day

To Fathers out there everywhere, I hope you had a great Fathers Day like I did. I was awoken around 9am with a full English breakfast and a nice cup of tea. I got some great new shirts, which I really need and a nice case of beer for me in the fridge for when I watched today’s Grand Prix. The day has pretty much been a blur, but a great one. Watched the race and ventured into the pool. Even though it was 75C, it was warm enough for a swim. Got out of the pool and dressed and snoozed on the couch for an hour or so. Spoke to me Mum and Dad, they’re doing well and before I knew it, it was time for dinner. Sherri had cooked a wonderful roast beef with all the trimmings, which we haven’t had for ages. Apart from that, I’ve pretty much watched TV and relaxed. In fact it’s nearly 10pm and I’m knackered. I’m going to finish checking my mail and stuff and then I’m off to bed.

The one thing that has made this Fathers Day even more special is the two ickle ones that are growing and growing. In fact I’ve even felt them move. It still hasn’t set in yet, that I’m going to hear the patter of tiny feet, but we have an ultrasound on Thursday, when we hopefully get to find out the sexes, that is if my little ones are not feeling shy :-) All in all, a great weekend. Life is grand.


Yesterday afternoon Sherri and I went to the doctor for a progress report on the babies. Both are doing well and we got to hear their little heartbeats again. They’re both in their 150s, which is really good. Apart from a rough first month or so, Sherri has been doing great. She’s getting bigger by the day and looking great. By hook or by crook, I’ll put up some new photos on our site, it’s been a while since I posted anything new.

Kosmo had another seizure yesterday. Mandi was with him. The poor little fella, was a little off for the rest of the day, but this morning he’s back to his old self. I wonder if their is something triggering them? Maybe the weather? If he has many more in the next week or so, I’ll give the vet a call. He was only their a week or so ago for his blood test and they told us everything is looking fine. Unless it’s anything major, there’s nothing they can really do for him, apart from up his medicine.

Anyway got to get out of the door. Me tea is getting cold upstairs and it’s nearly time for work.

And What a Fine Morning It Is.

Kosmo’s back to his old self. He was still a bit off last night, but I think a good sleep with people around has settled him. He won’t be alone today which is good. Mandi has the day off school and then She’s in tomorrow for her final exam and then school is over for another year. Poor old Alanna still has another week :-)

Weather is still holding up nicely, although it looks like rain this weekend. It’s going to be around 27C today, which for all you Brits is around 78F. I still have a load of photos to download from the digital camera and upload to the picture gallery. In fact I’m working on something neat that will make it easier for me to update the gallery.

Anyway gotta fly. I wanna send off an email to my mate Dave and then it’s time to head off for work.