Monthly Archives: July 2004

50% There

We went for another ultrasound yesterday so the doctor can keep an eye on the babies measurements, unfortunately there is still no word on the sex off baby 1. Baby 2 we were assured is a girl, Baby 1 however is keeping the secret to himself (herself).  It looks like our ultrasounds will be every 2 – 3 weeks, as this is the only way to get accurate measurements for twins, hey we’re not complaining.  We again got a video of the ultrasound and just have to arrange for it to be transferred to the DVD so I can put it online.

Every day that passes is a step closer to the babies arriving.  I think I’m coping well, but every now and again I get a wave of uncertainty or is it panic :-)   As these are my first babies, I’m just hoping I do everything right and be as good a dad as I can. Maybe I should prebook some plastic surgery to have the bags removed from eyes in a couple of years :-)  

My Name Is…. Porky Pig

The time finally came last night to go through my wardrobe and finally get rid of some clothes. My side of the walk in wardrobe was just crammed with t-shirts and jumpers I hadn’t worn in a long time.  Some of these were just a little old, having been used to go to work in my former working life at Home Depot and a lot of them were just a little too snug for my liking.  Ok, Ok, maybe I have put on the minisculest amount of weight, but some of my shirts / t-shirts have definitely shrunk and I mean about an inch or so in length, which for me is just not comfortable. Anyway I have a mound of clothes that are heading to good will, hopefully they can make good use of them.

Weather was finally picking up, but we are due rain again today.  On the bright side, our grass is recovering nicely.  However we still have 12 bags of yard waster that the city is not due to pick up until October.  What a joke.  Looks like I’ll have to take them to the dump myself.  Oh will it never end :-)

The Wife and Kids are Fine!

We’re off for another ultrasound on Thursday, hopefully we can find out if Baby 2 is gonna be a boy or a girl.  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s uncertainty.  Sherri is getting bigger by the day and looking more radiant.  She’s off work for the next month at least and the extra rest is certainly helping.  I on the other hand am in a perpetual state of knackeredness, I suppose I ain’t seen nothing yet :-)


We’re also working on Project Mudder at the moment.  Secret code name, so I’ll have to leave you in suspense. 

Hello Summer… Goodbye Summer.

You can really tell I’m English.  All I seem to talk about lately is the weather.  Oh well how can I just cast aside this stereotype… well I can’t.  All weekend was lovely, even though the news kept telling us to expect rain most of the weekend.  I managed to mow the lawns and generally tidy up the garden a bit.  I also managed to swim and catch some rays.


The wife and kids are doing fine.  Sherri is off on sick leave at the moment as her back is killing her. In fact she’s going for her first massage tomorrow and I think she’s quite looking forward to it.  The girls are in heaven at the moment.  All they seem to do is sleep, eat and sit on the computer. I’m sure the computer is beginning to get a bit stressed and if I see cheek mark I’m going to flip :-)


Well the weather is going to catch up with us, so I’m reliably (sic) informed. More rain is on the way, but at least the grass will be happy.

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

I’m beginning to realise what was going through Noah’s head all those years ago. As far as summers go, this one sucks. Not quite as much as the Leafs, but then what does.  Anyway It’s really hard to believe it’s summer.  Apart from 7 or 8 really nice days, it’s been overcast or wet. I’m really hoping that the weather breaks soon as I would like to feel the sun on my white body as I don’t want to go into the Winter being seethrough.


Work is going flat out at the moment, but it will be nice when things getting a bit more relaxed. We have another ultrasound next week. We were hoping to get a 3D one this time, as we found out there is 1 clinic in Ottawa with the right equipment.  Unfortunatley they don’t have any openings next week, so we’ll just have the usual kind.  When we do eventually get the 3D one, they apparently give you a CD with pictures and a video on, so when we get that, it will all go straight on the web. 


Apart from that not a lot happening. Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.


Can’t seem to summon the energy to write this blog at the moment. Working hard to get the chance for a nice rest. The weather is awful at the moment. It hasn’t stopped raining in days, oh well at least I won’t have to top the pool up.

Anyway just wanted to check in to mention that we went to the OB/GYN yesterday and everything is progressing fine with the babies. However Sherri wasn’t pleased as she gained 8lbs in 2 weeks. Looks like my babies are enjoying themselves in the never closed restaurant :-)


I Am What I Am…

…a hot head. Speak now think later.

Any reaction even over reaction.

Excelling in foot in mouth,

without a cow in site.

The hardest word to say is sorry,

so don’t try, don’t lie.

Seethe in anger, repent alone.

So very alone.

The void is out there.

Don’t slip into the void.

My Beautiful Wife and Babies

Sherri just sent me some pictures that her friend Gisele took at work this morning. I have been very bad in not putting up more pictures of the mother to be, so thought I would remedy that now. Isn’t she beautiful. I just hope our girls take after their mum.

Love yous!


I joked to Sherri when she dropped me off this morning with my Timmys coffee and donut, “just throw the coffee over me now, I’ll be wearing it later”. Gues what, I am now wearing coffee! DOH!


I’m so tired. I can’t even summon up the energy to do anything on the computer at home, which is very strange for me, considering I’ve been having a few hours to myself at night, as Sherri has also been very tired. I think it’s just cos I need a holiday. A week or so of doing nothing. Maybe I’ll take a few days off to enjoy the pool and a few beers.

Sherri is having bad back problems, carpal tunnel and plain old tiredness. I do feel sorry for her and just wish there was something I could do. As she constantly reminds me, “LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME” :-) I can just imagine what the birth is going to be like if it’s natural :-) .

Mandi has got a job (unpaid) working at the Ottawa Bluesfest. Basically for school she has to have done 40 hours of community service (hey criminals get that in England instead of prison) to graduate. I think the concept is sounds, but the school should be the one to find the work. At least Mandi will be getting out for a few weeks and she’ll get to enjoy some good music.

No drum lesson tonight for Mandi, so it’s home to laze in the pool after work. I think this weekend is going to be a lazy one.