Monthly Archives: August 2004

Just Feeling Blah!

As Rowan Atkinson said, “Some days are good days and some days are arse wiping bad days”. I think I’m in between today. Total lack of energy and in need of a good sleep. That’s not to say I didn’t have a good sleep last night, especially with our new foam matress sheet. It’s like sleeping on a soft egg box, but it’s very comfortable.

It was reassuring to find my favourite shorts layed out this morning, although I was a little surprised. See I hid them last night as Sherri threatened to throw them out. I think I sent her overboard last night. The shorts have vertical white, blue and green stripes and I chose to put these on when I was already wearing a vertical sriped blue and white t-shirt. Hey I never said I was fashionable. I think I need to find a sneakier hiding place, but her note assured me they were safe……….. for now :-)

I was just chatting to my friend Tony in England. Haven’t spoken to him in ages, but he just informed me he’s now got broadband. Surprise, surprise, he wondering why he didn’t get it sooner. Welcome Tony to the 21st century, now watch your Internet usage skyrocket.

It’s The End Of The Year!

As usual, the weekend got the better of me. We were however busy all day Saturday at our multiple birthing class. I was a bit sceptical with these classes, the final one is on Tuesday. A lot of what they tell you is really common sense, but it does cause you to think about things a bit more. We also had the opportunity to talk to once of the nurses of the baby intensive care unit. She showed us lots of pictures of premature babies. Although scary, it was comforting to know that at 28 weeks, the babies would have at least an 80% chance of survival. At 35 weeks the percentage goes up to 99%. No one wants to think of the things that could go wrong, but it’s good to at least realise what can go wrong and be able to understand. By the way we will be at 28weeks on Wednesday :-)

Sunday I spent a while in the basement, catching up on some stuff on the computer. I’m also toying with a few ideas with regards to some forums. I’ll fill you in if they go any further.

This week is going to be pretty busy at work, so excuse me if I don’t post everyday. We have year end, so lots of stuff to tidy up and get off my desk. Ha, ha, tidy up that’s a laugh if you could see my desk :-)

Dear Lucy and ….. `<8′

I’ve know you both since the day you were concieved yet I know so little about you. Will you look like your Mum or me. Will you cry lots? What will your first words be? So many questions, but a whole lifetime to discover. One of the first things we will probably discover is if Lucy is accompanied by a little sister or brother. For now I’ll just call you `<8', that pronounced 'raised eyes, pointing left , with hands pointing likewise'. Yes I know a strange name, but it's already raising a smile on my face, as it has a bit of history with us Meeks' here :-)

Anyway I digress. My little babies, you only know me by my warm touch and my soothing voice, but I have a whole lifetime of experiences to share with you as well as a loving family who are all eager to meet you. One member of my family who won’t be here is my Nan, that would be your Great Nan. She passed away many years ago, but I still think of her all the time and I like to think that somewhere up there she is looking down on us all and smilling approvingly.

You are probably amongst the few people who can say they know their Mum inside out…… ok, not out yet, but inside definately :-) Her warm arms are longing to hold you and give you all the love you deserve. Your sisters are also anxious to welcome you, but they ask can you please let them sleep in now and then :-)

I think poor old Kosmo is going to be the one who’s going to be most confused. “Who are these new people” he’s going to think, but I’m sure it won’t take him long to realise you are the important new additions to the family and will look after you like you were his own.

Our house is empty without you, but soon you will fill that void. Soon will will wonder how we ever managed without you. Take care, rest well and don’t be in a hurry to join us. We want you to be healthy and strong when you enter our lives.

Your loving Dad XOXO

In God we Trust!

We were having a chat at the office around a pizza and John, the boss pointed out something that was mind bogglingly badly designed. Since he mentioned it, I can’t get it out of my mind. Maybe it’s the logical programming trying to rear his ugly head or maybe it’s something more.

Just imagine for a minute you were going to design from scratch a way to transport people around. Would you for one minute consider a method of trust. Multiple hunks of exceedingly heavy metal, separated on a ralatively narrow road by a non cushioning, totally non interactive white line hurtling towards each other at up to 70 miles an hour. Is it amazing that this method of transport is as successful as it is. I realise a lot of this is because it’s something that has evolved over many years. From years where there were no roads and very few cars. Now however there are many millions of cars, trucks, buses and assorted types of transport. Lets not even mention the motorcycle. The whole concept of flipper your leg over a huge chunk of engine, that spends it’s whole life trying to go faster than you, whilst trusting that two wheels are going to be enough to keep you from the tarmac speeding inches from your feet.

I wonder what we’d do different if we had a clean slate?

Running Late!

Just a quick message to say good morning. I’m running late today as I had to take our car into the garage for it’s 20,000KM service. It’s amazing, although they told me exactly how much this was going to cost, within half an hour of the garage’s shuttle dropping me off, they called to recommend we get our front and rear brakes lubricated, which of course isn’t free. What can you do. You refuse and something goes wrong, then it’s your fault. Of course if I were rally skeptical, I would say this was just a con to get more money out of us…. lucky I’m not skeptical.

And The Second Baby is a …

…dunno! There’s me thinking, oh what a wonderful thing science is. We can see our baby in glorious 3D. See every intricate wrinkle and expression, well what a let down.

First the lady who performed our ultrasound wants to think about getting a new profession, preferable one that doesn’t entail dealing with the public. She was rude and admittedly frustrated because the babies were proving a bit awkward, but come one, show a bit of professionalism, don’t spend the hour puffing and grunting, while at the same time providing the minimal feedback to us. Remember, although this may very well be your 3,000 scan, these are our babies and show them and us the courtesy of not letting things get to you personally.

The 2D (normal) ultra sound went OK. The babies are now 2.1 and 2.3 pounds with heart rates of 143 and 148. They are developing well, apart from the fact that one of them is exceedingly camera shy, so we still have no idea what the sex is.

As for the 3D ultrasound, we didn’t even bother getting a CD as you just couldn’t make out anything. In fact the technician told us, if you can’t get a decent 2D image, then there’s very little chance you’ll get a 3D one. Now they tell us.

Anyway we are back to the doctors next wednes and will probably have another ultrasound 2-3 weeks after that. I don’t think we’ll bother having another 3D one, but then again, never say never.

Hazy Shades of Winter.

I can already sense the summer coming to an end. The pool has been a constant 70f, which is ultimately too cold for me to swim in. Even last night I noticed that it was pretty dark at 8:30pm, which is not a good sign. We’re still having nice warm weather, but winter is a coming. It’s not even like we had much of a summer, oh well can’t complain, at least I won;t have to mow the lawn much longer :-)

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Somedays it’s just great to wake up early and enjoy the day. I got out of bed at 8am this morning. Now that’s actually late for me, but I’m having trouble getting back into my old rhythm since we came back from holiday. Anyway I gave Kosmo his medicine and came downstairs to check my email and stuff.

Now I thought my ears were deceiving me when I heard the shower going, but lo and behold just before 9am there was Ally Moo standing before me and showered and dressed. “Couldn’t sleep” was the reason she gave for being up so early. But it’s understandable as one of her best friends and sometimes out spare daughter Tamara, comes back home today, after spending time with family in New Brunswick and they are going off to the Ex.

Anyway even though Alanna was waiting for a phone call, I managed to coax her into coming with me to Tim Hortons to get some coffee and Ice Caps, as well as some milk. I wanted to have her with me as I also wanted to take Kosmo, it’s been a while since he was out for a good walk. It was actually a very pleasant walk, both Alanna and I enjoyed a bit of quality time, that we don’t get enough of these days. She was however petrified she was going to miss her phone call, but I can understand that.

All was not good however when we got home. Poor old Kosmo had a ton of burrs in his paws and one of his ears. His ear was actually all stuck together there were so many. It took me a good 10 minutes to get the majority off. I even had to cut away some of his fur, but he’s ok now and annoying the hell out of me with his bloody indestructible ball.

So what’s planned for the rest of this day. Nothing much I think. I probably need to get the pool cleaned once and for all and then we have to go to the grocery store to pick up some food for the week. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. We are off for our regular ultrasound, but this one is hopefully going to be special. This one is going to be in 3d. Now apparently the 3d ultrasound doesn’t give them all the information they need, so we still have to have the normal ultrasound first. The 3d one is more for the parents I think. Fingers crossed we can finally find out what the other baby is once and for all.

Original Pirate Material!

Although I was once told I “have Van Goughs ear for music”, that doesn’t stop me loving it. I hasten to add that it was said as a joke, I like to think my tastes are wide and varied, well everything except Country. Anyway I’ve never been a great fan of rap. There have been a few exceptions like De La Soul, and some JayZ and 2Pac, but as a whole most rap leaves me cold. However I’ve just discovered a great new (to me at least) artist and would you believe it he comes from just around the corner from where I used to live in London, Hackney. It’s funny fly 3,000 miles round the world and end up finding good music on your old doorstep. Anyway the name of this artist/group is The Streets.

I first came across them on Napster. I’d heard the name before, but saw them come up on a search for something else and ended up listening to the album “Original Pirate Material”. Anyway this album knocked me bandy. None of this gang ridden angst, just a guy talking about a the trials and tribulations of being a youngster (I mean that as the late teen, early 20 age range). Yes, there’s an abundance of drug and sex references, but better to listen with an open mind. Some of the hooks are excellent and I find myself coming back to this album again and again. In fact I even went sofar as to buy the album via Go on, have a listen and see waht you think.

Mmm Food

I had the lovely pleasure of being taken to a restaraunt by my lovely wife. It’s funny how you can forget how great the simplest things are.

Sherri went to work today, just to check in and take in her doctors note. It must be hard for her, as it can’t be easy giving up work, I know it would drive me crackers.

The Ex has come to Ottawa again and for the first time in ages, I’m not too worried about missing it. The Ex is a big fair that is held in Ottawa every year. Mandi is going tomorrow and I’m sure she is looking forward to it. In fact I am definite she is looking forward to it, as Hanson, her favorite rock band in the world are performing their for free. All these years she’s waited to see them and the first opportunity she gets, it doesn’t cost a bean, relatively speaking of course as you still need ticket to enjoy the Ex.

It’s just 9:30pm and I’m knackered. Time for me to have another beer and then get my head down. Guten Nacht.