Rip Van Meeks

I HAD A DREAM! This was no ordinary dream, this one lasted over 12 hours. I got home on Friday night and I was feeling really tired. In fact I’ve felt tires all week. Anyway around 9pm I started getting a little drowsy. In truth I actually nodded off. It was only after Sherri suggested I go to bed, that I got up. Actually in all truth after I snapped at Sherri, I realised that I was probably better off in bed, than a grumpy lump on the sofa.

I fell asleep pretty much as my head hit the pillow and I didn’t stir until sometime after 9am the next morning. In fact the only reason I actually got out of bed, was because the pup probably didn’t have his medicine, so I went downstairs, gave him his medicine and promptly took my self back to bed. I finally managed to peel myself off the sheets around 1pm. So as you can imagine no much happened on Saturday.

Actually I tell a lie, we had to go out to rent a carpet cleaner, to give the carpet the once over before the babies arrive and begin dragging themselves over it. I think I finally got to sit down around 8pm after having done the carpets.

Last night Scarface was on TV. As I hadn’t seen it before I decided to watch. I have to say it wasn’t that great a film. The acting was OK, but the soundtrack was awful. Not a patch on Serpico.

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