Another working week begins and at the moment, I’m not feeling raring to go. Maybe in an hour or two once I’ve had a nice cup of Timmy’s. This week is probably going to be pretty hectic workwise, which usually means the week will fly by. Hopefully we hear today that the crib and nursery furniure has arrived at our local Toys ‘R’ Us, which means we will have it for the weekend. Sherri really wants to get the nursery furniture installed so she can wash and put away the baby clothes we have so far. We already have some stuff hanging in the wardrobe on little baby hangers, too cute :-)

I’m still in the middle of the next in the series of “When I was a Kid”. This one covers my time at Systematic Marketing. It’s been a struggle remembering all the names, but I think I’m pretty much there. Hopefully I’ll release that later this week. Otherwise it’s heads down for a ful house. I wonder what surprises this week holds.

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