Feeling Like Crap!

Well yesterday was a bit of a non starter. I woke up at the usual time and could just manage to get out of bed to give the dog his medicine and get the girls up. Then it was back off to bed until about 2pm I think it was. The flu has been threatening to take hold for a week or so, but finally got the better of me yesterday. I’m not one who takes to being ill very well. The biggest problem for me, is it’s so boring. I’m still not feeling 100%, but I’d rather go to work than sit watching Oprah or Days of Our Lives. I can always come home if it gets the better of me.

I think this weekend is going to be spent doing nothing much at all. I do know that our crib is in and now we are just waiting for the chests of drawers, so we can arrange delivery. Other than that I think my bed is going to be my best friend… that is unless I feel a whole lot better than I do now.

Oh by the way I missed the biggest news of all of the last week or so. We went to the doctors on Wednesday and since Baby 1 is still in the breech position, we are now going in for a planned C-Section on November 5th. That’s right I said November 5th, just 6 weeks away. For those of you not familiar with English celebrations November 5th is Guy Fawkes night. So you could say we intend making an impact on that day. Also it’s just day after my nephew Stewarts birthday. So if things go ahead as planned, we’ll have 1 kid who’s birthday is on Gemmas birthday (Alanna) and 2 kids born the day after Stewart. Funny how things happen like that.

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