Still Feeling Crap!

Title says it all really. This flu is now getting me down. Hopefully I can wind down and relax over the weekend. I just hoped I’m not too zonked to watch the first ever Chinese Grand Prix, which unfortunately is on at 2am Sunday morning. Yes I know I could record it, vbut it’s just not the same.

We went out and payed for the crib and nursery furniture today. The crib is ready for delivery, but alas the other furniture is not, even though it as meant to be in 2 weeks ago. Come on Toys ‘R’ Us, pull your finger out. With any luck, we should find out today, when we can expect them.

Winter is definately drawing in. It’s getting dark around 7:30pm now, which really sucks. Fortunately it’s still pretty warm during the day. In fact it’s stil warm enough to wear shorts and a T-Shirt, if you wanted to of course. I think my legs are safely hidden for the rest of the year now :-)

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