Where Did the Amish Go?

No I’m not looking to convert to the Amish lifestyle, even though now and then it does look strangely compelling. I’m talking about the TV show Amish in the City. Me and the Wife settled down last night to watch what we thought was the final episode, where the young Amish kids decide whether the city life is for them or to return to the Amish community. Anyway what did we find, but some crappy fashion/pop show. Not a single mention in the press or on the TV guide of where the final episode was or was coming. I just hope we haven’t missed it.

Talking of reality shows, our favourite one came to an end last week, The Amazing Race. This is one of those show, were the first couple of weeks are a little slow, while you get to know the people competing, but then you really start to get into it. There’s always a couple or two you love to hate. This year it was a small person and her little princess cousin. Once they got ousted it was time to hate my namesake ‘Colin’, Mr Overcompetitive. I’m not a great fan of Survivor or Big Brother, I think their novelty value has well and truly worn off, but The Amazing Race is a cut above the rest.

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