6 Weeks and Counting!

The nights are drawing in and winter is coming. Nothing however can dampen the fact that in just over 6 weeks, if not earlier, we wil be the proud new parents of two little bundles. It’s still so surreal that I’m still waiting for that fateful slap of reality, I think that will probably happen when I’m picking mself up from the floor of the delivery room. Today we are having another ultrasound to check on their progress. I must admit, the ultrasounds I’ve seen on TV have always looked way better then the fuzzy mess we get to look at. I’m just amazed that the technician can make anything out. So it’s ultrasound today and a check in with the OB/Gyn on Thursday to reassure us that everything is runing smoothly.

I got a letter from my Aunt Elsie this week. It’s been so long since I’ve received a letter, that I forgot how nice it was. In this age of techno wizadry, the simpler things are still sometimes better. Alas I’ve never been that great a letter writer, finding e-mail so much easier, because I really do hate using a pen, sad I know.

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