Monthly Archives: September 2004

"Hurry Up!"

When I was around 13 or 14, I can remember wishing I was old enough to drive, because I really thought, by the time was old enough, cars probably wouldn’t need a driver as they’d be conrolled by computer. Whilst this is now possible (just), not that much has changed, even now 23 years later. What brought this to mind, is somehing Alanna said last night. Children are always so in a hurry to grow up and experience the things that adults take for granted. The one common constant is the need to “Hurry Up”.

You want to “Hurry Up” for christmas to come. You want to “Hurry Up” for the summer holidays to start. You want to “Hurry Up” for school to finish, so you can start university or college. You want to “Hurry Up” to find a good job, so you can have your own money. You want to “Hurry Up” to find that special someone. You want to “Hurry Up” to have a family of your own. You then want to “Hurry Up” for your kids to leave so you can “Hurry Up” getting ready to die…… no I don’t mean that, but you get what I mean. Everyone is in a hurry that they don’t enjoy what they have.

I am going to enjoy and savour every minute……. ooops I have to “Hurry Up” I have to go to work :-)

Not Enough Hours in the Day

So much happening at the moment, that I’m finding sleep is getting harder and harder to come by. It doesn’t help when a certain dog wakes someone up 4 in the morning cos his ball is stuck under the bed. I really need a good sleep and hopefully will manage one Friday night. With any luck I’ll be able to lie in till 10. Anyhow time waits for no man. I have a client to visit, so I’m outta here.

Baby Update

Last night we went for another ultrasound. Both babies babies are doing well, but surprise, surprise we still only know the sex of one. I think we’re going to finally find out when the little one is born, whether it’s a boy or girl. Sherri is a bit concerned that one of the babies has only made a small weight gain compared to the other. The technician eplained to us that it was difficult to get exact measurements, but by visual comparison, the babies looked very even with regard to size. Thank God we are going to see the doctor today, she will be able to ease Sherri’s fears.

We also went last night to Toy’s ‘R’ Us to create a baby registry. A big reason for this is that it’s good for us to realise exactly what we have left to get, also Doreen and Laura at work want to plan something at work and wanted to get us something we need, which is a lot easier if you have a list.

Finally, last night Canada won the World Cup of Hockey. So at present we are Olympic and World champions. Although it was a great game and good that we won, it’s a bitter sweet feeling as it coul be the last game of this year and next, as the players will enter a lockout tonight at midnight. Basically the teams want to impose a salary cap for wages, whilst the players are opposed to it. Consequently if they can’t agree, the owners will lock the players out until a solution is found. Again always about money. It would nice just once to hear both sides consider the fans. After all we are the ones the pay a big chunk of the wages. With the average seat costing $100, it’s just getting too expensive for the average fan.

Scary Thoughts!

I was watching telly yesterday and some there was a mention of some guy attending his 10th year high school reunion. It was at that minute, that it struck me that I’ left school nearly 20 years ago. 20 YEARS! It was then that I suddenly felt very old. Actually the thought was “My god I left school nearly 20 years ago, I feel so old. ARRRRRRRGH I’m having two babies ARRRRRRRGH”. After a little while though my brain settled down and I realised a few things:

1. I’m a much better person all round than I was, even 10 years ago.

2. I’m much more secure than I was even 5 years ago.

3. I’ve wanted babies since I was 15.

4. I’m lucky I didn’t have babies when I was 15.

5. I’ve run out of tea bags

No seriously I’ve run out of tea bags, I shall have to make sure I nip to the supermarket tonight. Actually tea here is a whole different story. Nearly every variety of tea bag you buy has bloody orange pekoe in it. What the hell is orange pekoe and what idiot decided to put it into a nice cup of tea. Fortunately I can pick up relatively OK tea bags at Loblaws, which is one of the big chains of supermarket. In fact they carry quite a few British items. Anyway I digress.

Yes I am getting old. My hair is grey, but what the hell, it was grey when I was 15. I am happier now, than I have ever been. I’ve got sleeples nights, soggy nappies, screaming kids (“The babies are keeping us up!”), severe lack of funds and the heriditery “Meeks Short Fuse” to look forward to. I can wait :-)

Life is Good!

I can’t help but look back on my 4 years in Canada and be amazed at how far our lives have changed for the better. The first couple of years here were really hard, but thanks to my Mum and Dad, we managed to ride the wave and arrive at where we are today. The next 4 years are going to be filled with excitement and awe as our new babies arrive and grow. My only regret is that we are so far away from family and friends. Even Sherri’s parents are 1,000km away in Nova Scotia. It’s pretty normal in Canada for family to be spread out, I suppose that’s how it is in a country as large and as lightly populated as Canada. Needles to say my 4 children are going to be chained up in th basement to prevent them for straying too far from us, so potential suitors BEWARE!

Brevity is Best!

Hello, good morning, see ya later!

It’s a Record!

Wow, can you believe yesterday was a new record for rainfall in Ottawa. 135mm of rain in a 24 hour period. At least I don’t need to top the pool up now, although it’s unlikey we’ll be getting back into it this year.

Poor Kosmo is suffereing a bought of seizures that started last night. They are fairly mild and spaced apart, so no real cause for concern yet. He had 2 last night, although the second might not have been a seizure, it’s hard to tell as he’d jammed himself under the bed). This morning he had another two, but this time we gave him his valium, so I’m hoping things will settle down today. It’s hard not to just take him to the vets each and everytime, but there’s not much they can do apart from give him bigger doses of medicine. It’s also hard to leave him at the vets, as he gets very agitated. If things get worse however we will.

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

Well it looks like we are currently experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Bob, Bill, Fred, Ted or whatever it’s name is. We are apparantly going to be having over 80cms of rain in the next 24-48 hours. Doesn’t that really give you something to feel good about.

Talking of something to feel good about, it seems our babies were both struck down with a bout of hiccups yesterday. It’s a truly funny thing to experience, holding my hand over Sherri’s belly and feeling this little blip every few seconds. Fortunately they didn’t have to suffer for very long. I’m still stumped as to why they get the hiccups, is it something to do with the lung and chest development, or is it that Sherri has been knocking back my beers while I’m at work :-)

Talking of beer, dis man is now on di wagon until the babies arrive. If something godforbid were to happen in the night, I can’t expect Sherri to drive herself to the hospital. Anyway it will do me good to stay off the booze for a while, nothing fills the pants quicker than a steady stream of beer? Mmmm funny sentence that, could almost be misconstrued as peeing onself :-)

Happy Christmas!

So first day of the school year safely behind us and looking forward now to Christmas. I say lookin forward, but as with most things, before you know it, we’ll be sitting on our sofas, stuffed senseless, wondering where all out money went, but hey, that’s an entirely different story. As the wonders of the school year arrives, so does the rain. I know I keep mentioning the weather, but isn’t that the great British pasttime. Actually it’s the same in Canada, people are always talking about the weather.

Sherri is getting more tired, not surpising since she’s carrying my two strapping babies in her belly. I have to admit a gaff on my post a couple of days ago. We’re actually entering week 29 today, not 30, but I’m sure Sherri is wishing it was week 34. Hopefully we’ll be getting our crib and new nursery furniture delivered sometime in the next week or so. B-Day is approaching fast and we’re nearly ready. It’s gonna be an exciting Christmas this year :-)

Did I, or Didn’t I………..

mow the lawn? Well yes I did and hopefully I’ve only got to do it a couple more times before the cold weather comes causing all the grass to die, WAHAHAHA! Can you tell mowing the lawn rates up there with a root canal.

So today is September 7th, a very special day indeed. Today is the day, the world goes back to normality or when it comes to the roads, insanity. Children all over Canada had to drag their little bodies out of bed this morning for the start of the school year. Poor Kosmo didn’t know what was happening this morning. I was up and dressed by 6am and went to wake up the girls. Normally he’d go back to bed, but Sherri was up as well to see the girls off, so poor Kosmo had no one to go to bed with :-) He’ll get used to it eventually.