Monthly Archives: October 2004

Today’s The Day…

…the teddy bears have their picnic. No, No, sod the bears, today’s the day that Lucy comes home. Finally we can be a complete family. Now although I say she’s coming home, I won’t believe it until she’s finally in the car seat and gurgling on the journey back home. She was meant to come home yesterday. The doctor gave the all clear, but the nurses felt that as she still wasn’t eating full feeds all the time, it could prove a burden on Sherri, with one already at home. Anyway the nurses had their way, but the doctore said “one more day only.” So their you have it.

We got home last night from the hospital and Sherri took the girls to Walmart to pick up some stuff for Halloween. This left me some quality time with Sarah. I changed her and gave her her feed which she drank at a fair pace. I then snuggled up with her on the sofa for nearly an hour. This is what being a Dad is all about. I realise it’s going to be hard on us with two, but I think it’s going to be a lot less stressful than constantly going back and forth to the hospital.

Anyway time for me to pay a few bills online and get some work done. TTFN.

Still No Lucy!

We are still awaiting word that it’s OK to take Lucy home. We were geared up to do this yesterday, but unfortunately she had a rough night and didn’t eat as much as the doctors would have wanted. So the waiting game continues and we wait to see if today is the day.

Just a Quick Update!

We went to visit Lucy last night and she now has her feeding tube removed. Touch wood, if she continues to feed well, we could have her home as early as Wednesday. That’s great news for us and means we will be able to settle down into some kind of normal family life. Well as normal a life as twins will allow :-)

It’s Official, I Am A Baby Bore…

… and I don’t care. The only worrying thing about having babies is all the different terms, colours and adjectives you discover to describe Poo Poo. I just feel a little sorry for Pee Pee. No one seems to care about him. Nappy wet? So What. Pooey Nappy? What Colour? What Consistancy? Does it Smell? Oh well they tell me that’s just the early days I know. No doubt we’ll have something else to discuss, to replace the Poo Poo dialogue.

Fo an update on Lucy, she managed to take some full feeds by bottles yesterday and is still doing pretty well otherwise. I’m sure that if she continues the way she’s going, we’ll have her home by next weekend.

Even with one baby at home, things are pretty hard, but that’s just cos Sarah is feeding every 3 hours. Sherri and I have managed to cook up something between us, so we are both at least managing to get 6 hours sleep each.

How are we doing?

We are doing very well thank you. However we have found sleep to be a very valuable commodity. It’s all just a matter of setting some kind of regime and we’ll be fine. Last night was a good example. Between Serri and myself we manage to get a good 6 hours sleep each, which I can tell you was badly needed.

Today is just a put my feet up and relax day. I’m currently watching over Sarah, while Sherri visits Lucy. It’s hard not going in, but sometimes a rest is very much needed. Sherri is however under team orders to make sure the first hug and kiss are from me :-)

My Mum is now back on English soil. It was so great to se her again after 2 years. It’s amazing how time flies. She was just great with Sarah and Lucy and is totall in love with them. Hopefully it won’t b too long before her and my Dad are over to visit.

Anyway time to make another cup of tea and watch the rest of the Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying.

Parenthood, the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the Parents Meeks.

Their continuing mission:

to explore strange new poos,

to seek out new life and diaper rash,

to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Now don’t get me wrong, parenthood has nothing to do with Star Trek, but I couldn’t resist plagisrising the open sequence. Anyway I digress… (don’t I always)

Sarah is now safely at home and sound asleep, well in 3 hour bursts she is. I can’t remember feeling this tired in a long time. However I have it easy, it’s Sherri who is the star. How she’s managing to pump and feed every 3 hours I don’t know. With any luck Lucy will be home later this week, or early next, then the fun really starts.

Poor Kosmo doesn’t know what to make of it all. He’s really confused I think. He’s going to be really dumfounded when Lucy comes home too. He’s been really good though. We introduced Sarah, pretty quickly after bringing her home and he’s settle down really well. In fact he was even guarding her bassonet while she slept.

The next few days are going to be really tiring, but nothing worth anything is ever easy.

Sarah’s Coming Home!

Today is an exciting day for us, if a little bitter sweet. We were informed on Sunday that Sarah would be ready to come home today. This is excellent news, but at the same time a little sad, as Lucy is still not feeding totally without the tube, so she will be unable to come home at the same time. There’s no cause for concern, she’s puting on weight and has no IV, so it’s just a matter of time. We are hoping that she will be ready to come home at the end of this week or early next week at the latest.

Apart from that, we still have my Mum with us, hence the lack of posts over the last few days. She’s thrilled to death to see her grandchildren, both big and small. I’ve made a copy of the birth video on DVD, so she has that to look at when she gets home. I’ve also had printed some digital photos which she’ll be getting a copy of. The wonders of science. Our babies will either love that their early years are so well documented, or hate it. It all depends on how we blackmail them when they are older ;-)

Anyway hospital later today and one addition to the family home tonight. It’s going to be interesting to see how Kosmo reacts. We have been putting their dirty sleepers in their swings and chairs and he’s been prett good with that, so with any luck he will welcome them with open paws.

My Muvver!

Today is kind of exciting for the Meeks household. Tonight at 5:50, I pick up my Mum from Ottawa Airport. This will be the first time in 2 years that I’ve seen my Mum, and 2 years and 4 months that everyone else in the house has seen her. I just wish we had Lucy and Sarah at home, because otherwise we have to adhere to hospital visiting hours for my Mum, which is between 3pm and 7pm. Oh well at least my Mum will get to hold them and change a nappy or two if she wants ;-)

Anyways I gotta dash. I have a big client appointment this morning and another one in the afternoon, so have to get into work early to prepare.

Hugs and kisses to my baby girls.

First Day Back at Work!

I’m writing this at work, the first time I’ve been here since Thursday. I’m not doing a full day here, just sitting in for the weekly meeting and then off to the hospital to be with my girls.

I had some really good news today. My Dad is sending my Mum across the pond to see her new grand daughters. My Dad would love to come as well, but unfortunately when you run your own business, it’s not always that easy to drop things at a moments notice. Hopefully he’ll be able to make it in the next few months.

It’s funny, my Mum hasn’t been in Canada since 2002, and for us a lot has changed since then. This will be the first time she’s seen our new (almost a year ago) house. I’m sure Kosmo will be excited as will Mandi and Ally to see their Nan.

Time to dash. I’m a man on a mission :-)

Daddies Girls!

At long last, here’s a nice picture of my little girls together for the first time.

They are now at the Ottawa Civic Hospital and will probably be there for only a couple of weeks (knock on wood). The Special Babby Needs section there is great and a whole lot lighter in atmosphere than the General, but both place offer excellent care.

Sherri is now home, after being dispatched this afternoon. It’s so hard still having the babies in hospital, but they are in the best place, getting the care they need to enable them to come home to us, safe and well. The two weeks can’t pass too quickly.