Monthly Archives: November 2004

And So The Sleepless Nights Begin!

Last night was the first night we tried to put the girls down in the crib overnight. Unfortunately things didn’t quite go accordingly to plan. Sarah was pretty cool about it, but Lucy was having none of it. Now I know it’s a battle of wills at this stage. You can’t just get up and tend to them at every cry, you have to realise that some of the cries are just for attention. Suffice to say, neither Sherri nor I got much sleep last night. It finally came to a head at around 6am. I got Sherri to help me downstairs with the babies and then sent her back to bed.

It’s now nearly 12:30pm and the girls have had their second feed of the day and have been pretty good. The first feed they were still a little restless and I had to have each of them sleep with me alternately, but on the whole I was aple to get a couple more hours sleep. I think tonight, we’ll take the other bassonette up and see if they prefer sleeping in a bassonette each.

Yesterday saw my inlaws leave to go back home. It was great having them here and it certainly seem a lot quieter without them, not that they pogo’d singing punk songs, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

At the moment it’s pissing down with rain and in fact has been since the early hours of this morning. I still need to try to get Kosmo back to the vets to get his blood tet redone. Apart from that, I think it’s pretty much a case of relaxing and preparing for the working week ahead.

One day…

…the red man, woke up in his red bed in his red house. He washed in his red bathroom and dried himself on his red towel. He put on his red clothes and went down his red stairs to his red kitchen.

Whilst in his red kitchen, he had a cup of red tea and red the newspaper. All of a sudden he heard the red doorbell chime, on his red door. Upon opening his red door, he was presented with a green man, who suddelnly opened his green coat and revelead his naked green self. The red man, screamed, ran across the road and was promptly killed when he was ran over by a red truck.

The moral of this story… don’t cross the road when the green man is flashing.

Round and Around and Around.

Yes this blog has become a little quiet over the last few weeks. Now I wonder why that is? :-) ))

Both Lucy and Sarah are doing very well thank you very much. Sarah is 7lb 6oz and Lucy is a very hearty 7lb 1oz. The doctor can’t believe how quickly they are putting on weight, but assured us to continue doing whatever we are.

Life at the moment is a bit like a merry-go-round. Get on and wake up the babies. Get off and rest. Get on and feed the babies. Get off and take a breather. Get back on and prepare them for sleep… ad infinitum. Actually I know it’s for only a relatively short time, but I won’t deny it’s knackering.

Being back at work is great, but going home is better. There is nothing as welcoming as two small babies, who have missed you all day. There’s also nothing quite like the look of relief on Sherri’s face when she realised that I’ll be taking over for a while :-)

Babies Ahoy!

The only downside to being back at work, is not seeing my babies throughout the day. However every cloud has a silver lining and seeing them when I get home is something quite wonderful. I still get to feed and change them a couple of times, so at least I’m still getting some good special time with them.

Speaking of babies, it looks like I’m going to be an Uncle again. My Mum called yesterday while I was at work and told Sherri that Tara is in the family way again. She only had my niece Paige a litte while ago. I think they are hoping for a boy so they can call him Alfie. So what’s it all about? :-)

Anyway a splash and dash today. Time to nuckle down and get some work done. TTFN.


I was up and out of the house by 7am this morning. Poor Sherri had a rough night with the babies, so their schedule was thrown out, consequently I wasn’t able to do their feed this morning. In fact I slinked out of the house as soon as I could as I was afraid I would wake them.

Thank god we have a garage. Once the garage door had opened I was greeted with the sight of whiteness everywhere. Not from snow, but from frost. No scrapping for me, which was nice. I headed straight to Timmies for my morning fix and an orange juice as there was none ready to make up this morning.

So here I am, back at my desk and raring to go. Or rather I would be if I could manage to wake up :-) It’s gonna be a long day.

Christmas is Coming!

Well I’ve managed to amaze myself and get the christmas lights up on the front of the house. I have to admit that yet again I did have some help, this time from my father in-law.

The in-laws are staying with us for a few weeks and it’s nice to have them around. Me and my father in-law John, also took Kosmo for a walk to our nearest Timmy’s and we brought back coffe for all. Kosmo loves to get outside the house. I don’t take him out, half as much as I should, but I shall try to do something about it when the snow comes. He loves the snow as do I, big kid that I am.

Anyway just a quick post, to let eveyone know what I’m up to. Some kind of normality should be restored, once I’m back at work tomorrow.

Where Am I?

I’m sitting at the breakfast table, with Police’s, Walking on the Moon, playing on the radio. Kosmo is sleeping on the carpet in the family room and the girls are just starting to cry as they want to be fed…

… Babies are now fed and I’m now listenting to The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, the original radio show.

Anyway enough of the scene setting. Tis the last day of the week and in fact the last working day I will be at home. It’s going to be hard leaving my little babies all day, but coming home now will be extra special. I must admit there is a part of me that can’t wait to get back to work. I love my work and am looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in once again.

I’ve been emailing with my Aunt Elsie in England and she’s been kind enough to offer to buy both the babies christening gowns. It will be nice for the girls to have something from England with a special meaning. It will give them something to pass down to their kids when they are ready.

It’s incredible to think, I have been in Canada now for nearly 5 years. In that time, I have probably become more and more English. That’s not to say I haven’t embraced all things Canadian. I am in fact due to apply for my Canadian Citizenship soon, so I will be able to hold both an English and Canadian passport. But with my babies I really want them to grow up with many of the things that I had when I was younger. As time passes, more and more things are disappearing, so I better pull my finger out and get the things now before it’s too late. Here’s just a few things that I aim to get, some of these things might not make sense, but I’m sure many people reading this will get a smile :

Mr Men, Bagpuss, Mr Ben, The Clangers, Janet and John, Fingerbobs

This is to name but a few. So if anyone is looking to buy anything for the babies and you are in England, try to find somethings that are quintessentially English.

Good Morrow!

Kosmo did indeed have another seizure on Saturday, but this is cosistant with his old pattern, so I wasn’t too concerned. Touch wood he hasn’t had one since, so hopefully he’ll be clear for at least another month if not longer.

Finally on Sunday I got our pool ready for the winter and learnt some more about how our pump worked, so come summer we should now have a crystal clear pool for the whole summer. We are also looking into getting a heater for the pool, so we can then use it from around the beginning of May until around the end of September.

Even though I’m home for another week, it doesn’t stop me working, although it’s a matter of working in any window that is available. I’m managing to be somewhat productive and managed to get in yesterday for our weekly tech meeting.

Babywise things are great. Lucy and Sarah are managing to keep in sync with their feeding and that is working out great for Sherri and I. In general they are going between 3 and 4 hours between feeds and are gaining weight nicely. They’re already filling out their premie clothes and it won;t be long before we have to get the next nappy size up.

Life is great, the sun is out and snow is alreay begin to fall, albeit very, very lightly. Soon the winter will be hear, but it’s hard to believe at the moment, when you look outside and see the glorious sunshine.

Poor Kosmo… Again!

Nearly a month had passed since Kosmos last seizures and unfortunately that run has now ended. I went to bed last night around 11pm and Kosmo came with me. Around 1am Kosmo fell out of bed and paced around for a bit, which was unusual behavior, in fact very similar to the behavior he shows when after a seizure occurs. He semed to settle down, but by 3am he had the first seizure he’d had in a while. I brought him downstairs, as he usually needs to go outside, to do his business and he was out there a while. I kept an eye on him, but lost him for a couple of minutes. I finally spotted him again near the rose bush, but unfortunatel he was in the throws of another seizure. I hate it for him having a seizure outside, especially as it’s wet at the moment. I managed to bundle him up and bring him inside and administered the first of 3 doses of valium, which he got over the hour.

He seems to have settled down now and is in fact asleep, but I’m staying up with him until Sherri wakes up. We’ll need to get some more valium, but he seems to be stable now, so if this is the procedure that will happen now when he has a seizure ten it’s a small price to pay. When we get some more valium, we’ll book him into have his levels checked as it could be that he’s still not keeping a consistant level of Pottasium in his system.

Hi, Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go!

Yesterday was take your child to work day for grade 9′s, so I went into work for the day and took Alanna with me. She got to experience what it’s like to go to work, including sitting through meetings. I spent the majority of the morning showing her what computer programming is all about and although she didn’t fall asleep, I think she more enjoyed the second half of her day, when Doreen and Laura pretty much took over and in amongs laughs, showed her what is involved in the admin side of a company.

An enjoyable day was had by all, but I don’t think I could do it every day. For breakfast we had Timmys coffee and McDonalds egg and bagon McMuffins. Then for luch we had McDonalds meals followed by a Timmys coffee and then on the way home we had more coffee. I said to Alanna if I did this everyday, I’d be the size of a house in a month.