Monthly Archives: January 2005

Still Here.

Kosmo is doing much better (touch wood). A week has passed since my last blog and this has not been due to laziness, rather blinking of the eye and the week passing by before me.

Lucy and Sarah are doing great. Me and Sherri bathed them yesterday and captured some of it on video. I must process what’s on the video and send copies to my Mums. Anyway gotta dash, just writing this before I go to work. Will try to do more soon.

Kosmo Vomit!

Poor Kosmo has been have a rough time of it, the last couple of days. Since yesterday he has been vomitting (he’s not done it now since this morning) and today he’s brain decided to have a brain fart or two. Anyone who doesn’t know, Kosmo has canine epilepsy. We appear to have it under some semplance of control, but he’s still having seizures every 4-6 weeks. Although that is horrible for him, we manage to cope and so far it’s not been a great problem, even with having to look after 2 babies as well.

Anyway I just wanted to share with you some bureaucratic supidity. Whenever Kosmo has 2 or more seizures, we administer 3 ccs of valium that comes in a little tube, ever 3 hours. After the third tube he usually settles and all is well for a few weeks. Anyway I called up the Vets today to get some more valium and they gor really snotty becuase I wanted the valium today and they usually want 24-48 hours notice. Now sorry if I’m being anal here, but I need the valium in case he has more seizures, it’s no good to me tomorrow, if he’s having a seizure today. Now all would be well if they let us have 6 tubes of valium. We could call after the first 3 and then we’d likely have 24 hours in between, so they could have their 24 hours notice, but no they will only ever let us have 3. Oh well rant mode off.

Tonight will be a bit nerve racking, but we’ve been through it before. At least the seizures seem to have cured his vomitting.


Apparently yesterday was as cold as a witches tits and how anyone has ever verified this I shall never know, but it does bring interesting images to ones imagination. It was around the -40C which I can tell you is pretty cold. So what can we expect today? Well it’s definatly going to warm up. We can look forward to a balmy -20 or so and around 10cm of snow… yeah, yipee.

Sorry sometimes my sarcasm just overpowers me. I’m just a bit pissed. I noticed a couple fo days ago that the air conditioner cover had blown off in the garden, but just like me, I left it till today, so now when I went out to get it, it’s frozen to the ground and a gently yank, has caused it to split. Gues where I’ll be going after work? I just hope that I get the new cover on before it starts to snow.

Yesterday saw the completion of the first stages of a big project at work. Friday and Monday were really busy trying to get everything done in time, but now it’s delivered I can kick back a bit and catch up with some smaller jobs.

Lucy and Sarah are doing pretty good. Admittedly last night was a bit hard, as both of them kept my attention for about 5 hours after coming home, so when 11pm came I was ready for a good sleep, but I can tell you there’s nothing nicer than seeing their smiling faces when I come home. I’m really looking forward to when they can talk :-)

Blank Sheet and Sundays Over.

It’s sometimes hard, when faced with a blank screen to figure out what todays post is going to be about. The babies are doing good, but I’m trying not not become a baby bore. Some might say, I’m there already, but I suppose I just can’t help myself.

The last few weeks have flown by. Each day pretty much seems to roll into the next. The weather is stereotypically winter, although we did have a brief spell of warm weather on Thursday I think it was.

I’ve written about Emusic in the past and on the whole have been very happy with it. Emusic is an MP3 music store without the restrictions of Napster, iTunes and the ilk. Admittedly it’s content is more alternative and oldies, but I’ve never had a problem finding new stuff… until recently.

One of the big problems I’ve had with Emusic in the past, are they don’t let you roll over unused credits from previous months. This forces you to download some stuff you really don;t want, just to save losing credits. Anyway I finally had enough and to be honest I haven’t listened to half of the stuff I’ve downloaded. I’m still subscribbed to Napster and use that like a glorified radio station, but for now, the only music I’ll be buying is CDs.

Work is going well at the moment. The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, but the next few weeks things should settle down a bitm which should give me time to test out some new stuff.

Anyway I’m going to get down to some tech stuff, before dinner. TTFN.

Lucky They’re Not Horses!

I was chatting to my Dad on ICQ last night and telling him about the babies and how we think Lucy has colic. Apparently horses have colic and it can be a life threatening disease, so I’m thankful Sherri didn’t give birth to a couple of ponies :-)

Last night was pretty rough all round. Lucy had been crying most of the afternoon, so when I cam home, I took over and looked after the babies. The first couple of hours weren’t bad, I even got to watch a bit of telly, but when Lucy finally broke the silence, she wasn’t let anyone reclaim the quiet. I ended up turning the telly off and just sitting with them, with most of the lights off. Sherri was upstairs for a while to have a rest and came down around 10pm. I then took Sarah downstairs for a while and sat her next to me by the computer. It wasn’t long before she was sound asleep and Lucy followed soon behing, but only for half an hour or so.

People keep telling me it will get easier… I keep telling Sherri it will get easier :-) It will get easier…. won’t it? LOL

"It was the best of times…

…it was the worst of times”. When Charles Dickens wrote that I’m sure he knew somebody who had twins. Yeah maybe I am over dramatising things, but all I know at the moment is I’m absolutely knackered and Sherri isn’t far behind me. Just when we thought we had the girls in a good rhythm, they go and up the ante and we start all over again. Not that I blame them in the slightest, it’s just hard to hear them crying and crying and crying and yet not actually want anything more than to be picked up. You do that and they are quiet again… until you put them back down. Now I’m sure the child experts out there will be saying “you just have to let them cry” and we’ve tried that, but where do you draw the line, because I can tell you, ours could cry for Canada.

Anyway onto something nicer. My cousin Cathy sent over a couple of really cute snow outfits for the babies. We’re going to try to have a family outing on the weekend and take the babies to the end of our street where there’s a nice big park. It will be the first outing with all 6 of us, not forgetting Kosmo as well.

As well as my cousin Cathy, I have a stack of emails I want to send, but at the moment I’m lucky to get time to do my blog, let alone anything else. Until I get time to send said emails, I want to thank everyone out there who’s send gifts and money to the babies. We sent a stack of thank you cards before Christmas and also Christmas cards with pictures of the babies, so everyone should have received either, or both.

Time to get my head down and start work. No rest for the wicked :-)