Monthly Archives: April 2005

Sunday Rain!

This has been a weekend fo rest and recuperation. Friday I had a nice few beers, but still didn’t manage to stay awake much later than 12am. Oh well I suppose that’s me just showing my age. I managed to stay in bed until 12pm the next afternoon, which really mangaged to recharge my batteries. You could say I had a pretty productive day on Saturday and it just seemed to fly by. My little girls are just angels and I don’t think I’ve ever heard them talk and laugh so much.

Today it was my turn to wake up at 5:30am with the babies. Today was also a double whammy of a day as I had a nice grand prix to watch. It was one of the best I’ve seen in ages. Yet again Michael Schumacher managed to not win, which was great, but he did give Alonso, the eventual winner a run for his money.

So outside the heavens have opened and it looks like today will be a restful Sunday. Today is bath day for the babies, and I love that. They love spalshing about in the tub and I love spending some quality time with them.

So time to sign off and check my websites for the day. I might even get a chance to catch up on my reading.

It’s Brown, Firm and a Wonderful Sight!

Yes dear readers, Sarah had her first firm poo in over a week and it was a sight to behold. As I mentioned last week, both Sarah and Lucy have been ill, due to a gastric infection. This meant that both had diarreah, which Lucy got over pretty quickly, but poor Sarah had had for over a week, along with vomitting and a really nasty nappy rash. When she began having a slight fever, we took no chances and took her to the childrens hospital (CHEO). They told us, it was doing the rounds at the moment and to just make sure she was hyrdated and that it would pass within a few days. On Friday however Sarah’s nappy rash was worse and she was becoming really restless. I hated coming home and seeing her, just sit there with virtually no expression on her face. Anyway Sherri and I decided to take her to the clinic again on Friday after I finished work and the doctor told us to switch her to a soya based forumla and gave us a prescription to try to help with the Nappy rash. We managed to give her one bottle of the new formula before bed along with the medication and next morning she was like a different baby. Back, was our little smily baby and it certainly was a good thing to see. Over the weekend, her nappy rash is a lot better and her poo is now solid. That makes me a very, happy Daddy.

As a side effect to all this, the girls sleep pattern has altered somewhat. They now decide they want to wake up at 4am, which is a real killer. I would normally get up at 5am if the need was there, but 4am is just a little much for me, having to also go to work as well. Sherri was great this morning and fed them at 4am. I was up and showered at 6am and pottered around until I fed them at 7am. I do love my morning time with my girls. I just hope they stay morning people. as then it will make three of us in the house LOL

On a final note, I finally caught up with my mate Jamie. He himself had his first baby last year, little James Patrick Forsdyke. Chatting to him certainly brought over me a wave of nostalgia. I could tell you many stories of the things we used to get up to. One of my fondest memories, is Christmas shopping in the West End of London. There’s nothing quite like playing in Hamleys , especially when fuelled by copious amounts of booze. I’m sure I’ll be writing more of this, when I finally finish my “When I was a Kid” series. Suffice to say, they were great days indeed.

Hrrrmmmmmmmmm, Spit!

Wow, 10 days since my last post, that just isn’t cricket. Well lots has been happening, unfortunately most of it not good. Our house has been a haven for coughs, colds and sore throats, with the babies being the latest to succumb to it. That’s the really scary thing. It’s fine when we get sick, as we know exactly what to do and are able to fend for ourselves. Sarah and Lucy are having a rougher time of it. In fact we took Sarah to the chidrens hospital yesterday as she was running a slight fever and kept vomitting, an hour or two after her feeds, she was also awake for pretty much all of Sunday night, Monday morning, which is very unusual for her. Add diarreah into the mix and you have a very poorly baby. Lucy has been pretty much the same, but without the vomitting and sleepless nights. Anyway the hospital were great and we left there feeling very relieved. It turns out the both she and Lucy have a viral gastric infection, which will hopefully subside in a couple of days.

On a lighter note, we picked up my in-laws last night, who are staying with us for a little while. It will be nice to have some help around the house.

Anyway, short but sweet. I’m still hanging in there, getting over a sore throat. Talking of which time to drink my Timmy’s coffee. Turrah!

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!

Well government year end has come and gone and hopefully the pace at work can get a little slower for a while. I certainly need to slow down for a bit, I feel like my brain is going at a hundred miles an hour, yet my body is stuck in a extremely thick pudding mix, and I can’t eat my way out as I’m not a great pudding fan :-)

Lucy and Sarah never fail to amaze me. You should have heard them this morning, cooing their heads off. Sarah is so funny to watch, her little mouth trying to talk, but just little sounds coming out. I swear she thinks she is talking. We are back to the pedatrician on tuesday for a general check up. It will be interesting to see their weights as we haven’t been for a while, due to Lucy’s appointments at the CHEO hospital. I woul be amazed if they were’t both over 13 pound.

Anyway I have to get ready for work. Spring is well and truly here. There’s now far more grass showing than snow in the garden and the pool is melting nicely. It’s even warm enough to go out in just a T shirt and trousers on some days. Clocks go forward this weekend, so the UK will once again be 5 hours ahead instead of 6. Summer is a coming.