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Blink and It’s Gone!

Wow what a busy weekend. It literally was a case of blinking and it was over. On Saturday we went to the “Multiple Births” picnic. I was a bit dubious about going when I woke up at 5am, as the fog was very thick, but that’s partly due to being in the stix. Anyway we went around 10:30am and stayed to till around 2pm. It was kind of neat seeing so many twins and triplets in one place. Well my concerns about the weather were founded after all, but instead of rain, it was blistering sunshine. I managed to get both my arms burnt and my poor nose is suffering a bit, but not quite as bad as when I was in Nova Scotia last year. Even though the babies were well covered in sun tan lotion, Lucy managed to get a bit of sun on her hand. It’s a little bit red, but doesn’t seem to be causing her any discomfort, so a just something to bare in mind next time.

After the picnic, we dropped of Alanna and her friends (who also came to the picnic) and went on to the grocery store. It never fails to make me smile, the reactions we get from people who see the twins. I suppose it’s not surprising, since they are extremely cute (and no that’s not me being biased) :-) We got back from the grocery store around 4pm I think that’s where the day turned to night and Saturday turned to Sunday.

Sunday was a really early start for me and Alanna. Alanna was helping at the Marathon today in Ottawa with lots of her friends at school. I had to get Alanna to her school by 5:30am and we managed to just about do it. On the way home I stopped off at Timmies for a coffee and also got Sherri an Iced Caupuccino and a chocolate muffin. There must have been other parents behind me as there was quite a cue at the drive thru. The guy inside must have wondered what was happening.

I got home and heard some stranged sounds coming from the basement and realised that Kosmo was having a seizure. Although we are pretty used to the whole process now, it’s still something that’s terribly hard to watch. After checking on him downstairs, I rushed back upstairs and got his valium and administered it as quick as I could. Once he’d managed to get back on his feet, he headed to the back door and I let him out. I prepared his regular medicine and looked out the door for him and he was pressed against the pump, with water dripping on his head and his tongue stuck out, suffering another attack. I rushed out of the house and picked him up carefully, got him inside and wiped him down a bit (as the garden is soaking wet in the morning). I administed a second valium and after an hour or so, he finally settled down.

I watched the Forumla 1 race and have to stay what a stunner. Poor old Kimi Raikkonen. I do agree that however that they made the right decision to stay out and not replace the flat spotted tyre that was causing the vibration that ultimately cased the suspension failure that forced Kimi to exit the race. Yes from a safety aspect it was probably stupid, but for the team, they had to go for full points. If the FIA is not going to enforce some kind of fall back then the team has to push as hard as they can. You could look at implementing a forced tyre change at the half way point, but that introduces a whole new slew of stretegic problems. Suffice to say, at least with the present rules, the sport is once again exciting, something it hasn’t been for a couple of years.

We took the babies out again to the new Dollar Store that opened here in Barrhaven and then took them to Canadia Tire, so we could pick up some rocks to put around the pool. I managed to get an hours snooze, then fed the babies and once again the day was done. I ended up going to bed at around 9:30pm as I was falling asleep on the couch. However at around 10pm Kosmo had another seizure, for which I administered more valium. It wasn’t a bad seizure and fell within his usual pattern. I went back to bed and slep like a baby.

I fed the babies this morning before going to get Kosmo, and it looks like her had a good nights sleep. I can tell when he has a seizure during the night as his mouth is caked with dried saliva and is very crusy, but there was none of that this morning. Here’s hoping he’s now seizure free for a while.

I still haven’t managed to get the Photo Alumn or Guestbook up and running. I know what needs to be done, it’s just doing it. I’m not even going to make any more rash statements, it will be done, when it’s done, or when the wife tells me to get it sorted :-) LOL

Oh Bollocks!

Yes, apologies for the stong language, but today has got off to a bloody awful start. I went to Timmies for my usual fix of coffee and upon leaving the drive through, some idiot decided to cut me up to get to the road first. This meant that I ended up blocking the entrance to the drive through. Being the considerate driver that I am, I reversed up a bit so people could still get into the drive through. BANG! Some idiot decided to accelereate past me to inflate his tyres and wasn’t watching what I was doing. I jumped out of the car and said “Didn’t you see my reversing lights?” and he said “No”.

Now I’ve just got off the phone to my insurance company and it looks like I’m still going to get stiffed with the $500 deductable. If I’m lucky they’ll say it was a 50-50 accident and only charge me $250. Now this sucks. I wasn’t driving fast. I looked around to make sure nothing was coming. I was only going a couple of miles an hour and yet no matter how careful I was, I’m going to end up being stiffed. This is not the start to the week I had envisaged.

Anyone Want Some Good Canadian Grass?

Yes my fine fettle friends, it’s that time again. With the long weekend ahead it’s surely time to mow my grass for the first time this season… NO. The boss lady spoke and after dragging me around dragging me around Canadian Tire, looking at flowers, I started and finished the mowing last night, even before the weekend started. That said, last night was my night for a beer or two and a beer or two, is exactly what I had, before falling asleep on the sofa. So instead of a lie in this morning, I’m was up at the crack of dawn to feed my babies. Now the question is, do I have a couple of beers tonight and miss the foruma 1 race, or do I save the beer for Sunday night and have a nice lie in on Monday, which is Victoria Day here in Canada. The bonus effect for Sherri is, she’ll get to have a nice lie in for two days in a row, which she definately deserves, especially after today…

…for today Sherri is taking Mandi out to shop for her graduation dress. This is the big one, where kids usually hire limosines and drink so much they end up making their crisp, clean clothes look like dish rags, but those dish rags have to start their life somewhere and that somewhere is a a store somewhere in Ottawa. All I can say is better Sherri than me, cos the thought of trapsing aound Ottawa looking for a dress that is the “One”, fills my stomache with dread. It’s days like this I’m glad to be a man :-)

So Saturday has barely started, but I have to scoot. The natives are restless (Sarah and Lucy), so I’m going to have to get some bottles on and psyche myself up to face the unknown terror that is their nappies. No rest for the wicked :-)

Lie Back and Think of England!

Well today was my medical and I thought I was the right side of 40… I was wrong. Let’s just say that the doctor went, where no one has gone before. Now I’m not sure this will come over the right way, but I’m just glad it was a female doctor rather than a male. Rest assured that nothing stirred and I mean nothing :-) Unfortunately no one told me I had to fast, so I’m back tomorrow morning to have my blood work done. So far all the doctor has found is a little high blood pressure, which I’m not too surprised about. Time me finks to again lose a few pounds, which will be a lot easier when the pool is up and running.

As with all weekends at the moment, this one went by far too quickly. Apart from helping with the babies and around the house, I didn;t really do much. I have so much reading I want to catch up on, but it’s just a matter of finding some quiet time. I did have some good news, my cousin Cathy and her husband Mervyn are popping in for a visit on their way to visit their Son in Toronto. Their have a whistle stop tour of Canada and will be in Ottawa in August. It will be nice to have some of my overseas family around for a bit.

Work is a blur at the moment, but like a Big Mac, I’m lovin’it.

Bouncy, Bouncy :-)

No, No, No, get your mind our of the gutter, this is nothing to do with that. On Wednesday we picked up a couple of bouncers for the babies. You know the kind, a harness that the babies slip into suspended from a large a-frame. Well we couldn’t put them in them on Wednesday night as it was too late by the time we got home, but Sherri put them in the bouncers yesterday morning and they loved it. I put them in them again when I got home, after I fed the babies and they had the biggest smiles on their faces. I thnk they are going to have fun with them at the weekend.

Well the weather has taken a turn for the cold, but it is still very bright. Yesterday morning it equaled the record for the coldest day for this time of year, a chilly -1. I’m looking at the garden and the grass is growing nicely. If it’s dry enough, I may just say to hell with it and mow, even though I hate it. Prepare yourself for my mowing rants LOL

Anyway time to scidaddle, I want to post this blog and then get going. I think I’m going to pick up a couple of McDonalds McMuffins for breakfast.

Just for You Honey Pie!

Yes, two posts in consecutive days. Just a small post to try to get me back into the swing of things. It’s funny I was talking to Sherri (‘er in doors) last night telling her I’d written a blog for the first time in nearly 2 weeks and she told me she checks it all the time, wondering why I hadn’t made any posts, so this one is just for you.

Yesterday was a busy one, me and Sherri had an appointment last night, which mean’t by the time we got home, we only had a little while with Sarah and Lucy before we had to put them to bed. Ally and Mandi had already pretty much finished feeding them, so a couple of burps and toots later, we were putting them down for the night. Lucy has discovered her feet enable her to make lots of noise, by bashing the side of her crib, what a little munchkin :-)

In the morning, there is nothing nicer than going to feed my babies their first bottle of the day. The look of wonderment on their faces is priceless and I must try to take a picture of it, before I forget.

Anyway, time to dash. It’s a busy day today, so no rest for the wicked. Bye Bye BT. PPP

It’s Been a Hard Days Night…

…and I’ve been working like a dog. OK, so dog is maybe a bit of an exageration, but I can tell you it feels non stop sometimes. It’s nearly two weeks since my last blog, yet it feels like only a couple of days ago. The main crux of the lateness is that both of the girls have been feeling under the weather. First it was Sarah, then it was Lucy and now it’s both of them. Both Alanna and Mandi have been ill, Sherri has not been too bad and my cold keeps coming and going. Currently it’s coming again and I think this time it’s going to be the big one. I can feel the sore throat happening and the acheiness and tiredness. Oh well I’m sure the house will be rid of it soon.

Talking of the babies, they are both coming on leaps and bounds. Lucy can now sit up, as long as she has something to focus on in front of her. Both girls enjoyed an extended outing to the garden yesterday in their little saucers. I have pictures and will upload the soon, I promise.

Talking of computers, I did work really hard to fix the guestbook and photo album, but when I uploaded it to my hosting company, it wouldn;t work. It works fine on my machine and also my machine at work, but theres something stranger about the way my hosting company wants things on their site, so it’s going to take a while for me to figure it out. I will however try to get an album uploaded sometime this week, so watch out for the announcement on the home page.

Probably the biggest thing to suffer lately has been my email. I can only reply to email on my machine in the basement, and I get down there very rarely and usually not for very long. Your best bet if you want to get an answer is to email me at, as this is an email I can read and reply to anywhere. I will however try to get some emailing done tomorrow, when Sherri goes to her scrapbooking.

Weatherwise here it has been gorgeous. Yesterday was around 70F and today we are due to get about 75F, which is in stark contrast to what we have been having. So with the babies in the garden yesterday, I managed to potter in the garden myself and begin draining the water from the top of the tarp on the pool. That is nearly done, so I’ll probably open up the pool later this week. YES, summer is a comin’.

Anway I want to sign off and get some other stuff done. I’ll try to get my blogging back to a more regular schedule.