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Many, many years ago, life was simple. Life was easy. Life was dull. Life wasn’t a patch on how it is now. Yes I had only myself to fend for, and admittedly my blood was probably 80% proof, but looking back, it’s would have been so easy to have got stuck into the rail of life, from which there was no escape and escape I did. I never said it was going to be simple and certainly simple it hasn’t been, but riding on lifes roller coaster, certainly has given me many fun memories and experiences.

I’ve been in Canada for nearly 6 years this coming March and life has certainly wizzed by. Since I arrived in Canada I’ve moved 3 times, had 2 jobs, 3 cars, 2 children, 2 babies, 1 wife and 4 computers. I’ve probably packed more in these last 6 years, than the 10 years that preceeded it. Knowing now what I know, would I have done it all over again…. yes, with bells on. No matter what life throws at you. No matter the curveballs that get thrown, there’s nothing like having a family of your own. There’s nothing like the thrill of coming home to a full house. There’s nothing like the sense of belonging. There’s nothing like loving and being loved. Life is hard, living life makes it all worthwhile.

Happy Fathers Day!

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic, oops, no sorry, wrong day. Today’s the day Daddy has his special day with his girls, all 4 of them. I was awoken at 10am this morning and have to admit, it was a really great sleep I had. I cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to be greeted first thing by smiling giggling faces. So today I have been spending quality time, but looking back over the day, and even the whole weekend, it’s passed me by in a blur. I suppose that’s the penalty for having a wonderful family. Oh well I can get used to that.

The side effect about having a wonderful family weekend, is the garden is beginning to suffer big time. In fact one of the side lawns is beginning to look like a wilderness. I hate it to be looking like that, but hey, there’s only so much time in the day for me to do things.

So today I get to sign off a wonderful weekend. Hopefully the week ahead is better weather than the week that leaves us.

I’d like to sign off, by wishing my Dad a great Father’s day, and indeed my brother Alan, with his brood of 4, including his new born son Alfie. Another Father’s day passes, so many in front to look forward to.


Just got a call from my Brother, to let me know that I have a new nephew, Alfie Colin Meeks. He was born at 4:04pm and weighed in at 6 pounds 2.5 ounces. Mother and baby are doing good. So the Meeks boys now have 8 kids between them :-) Poor Nan and Grandad Meeks :-)

Mmmm Chilli!

As an addendum, I’ve just finished off a nice bowl of homemade Chilli, made by my very talented wife. Mmmm scrummy and the Chilli isn’t bad either :-)

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

Well yes another frantic week has passed us by and I find myself feeling strangely guilty for not having written a blog in all that time. It’s funny though as I feel like I only wrote a blog a couple of days ago.

Sarah has discovered her vocal chords and now constantly either screams out at the top of her voice, or repeats over and over again “Daddy!” Admittedly it isn’t Daddy, 100% of the time, but it’s there often enough to put a smile on my face everytime I hear it. Lucy has said “Mum” a couple of times, but is choosing her words carefully. We’ll no doubt be bombarded with words from her soon. Lucy is however excelling in a totally different area. She can now stand (nearly unassisted) on her own. We’ve been pulling her upright by her arms for a while, but last week, she went straight from her back, to her feet and hasn’t looked back since. In fact she now hates to be on her back.

I want to take this opportunity to send big love to my wife Sherri. She’s not feeling very well at the moment, but is getting a bit better day by day. Anyway, here’s a couple of big sloppy kisses for ya honey, ))Kiss(( ))Kiss(( ))Kiss((

My Aunt Elsie, back in the UK is recuperating from some eye surgery. I called here on Monday and she is doing very well. It’s funny she reminds me more and more of my Nan (her Mum). She’s also very good on the computer and we trade emails all the time. Who ever said computers are for the young is talking out of their kazoo :-)

Anyway time to sign off, but not before I let you know the weather here is very changeable at the moment. We’ve had over a week or scorching hot sunshine, which has now been replaced by thunder and lightening stores and lots and lots of rain. Mmmmm reminds me of England :-)

Ta ta.

Phew What a Scorcher!

Well the weekend came and went, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I think I was as relaxed as I’ve been in ages, or so Sherri tells me. After having for the mowing out of the way on the Friday, we had all wekend to enjoy the garden and to have the first swim of the year. Consequently my silky white English rose skin, didn’t know what hit it and now looks like the lobsters backside, but it’s seling nicely and should end up a nice brown, especially as they are predicting a record summer.

With the pool finally open, it was great to actually do some physical exercise. I’m going to try to get in the pool, to try to knock a few pounds off over the summer. We also had Lucy and Sarah in the pool for their first swim and they absolutely loved it. We bought them little floats that they can put their legs through, but can’t fall through and they also come with little canopies to top the sun frying them. I have tons of photo and will put up a new album in the next day or two.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this already, I think I keep meaning to, but keep forgetting. Lucy now has two bottom front teeth and she is very proud. It does however mean we have to be that little bit more careful when she tries to suck on our fingers. Sarah is beginning to fuss a bit more than usual, so we are assuming she won;t be far behind.

Finally on the weekend we got Kosmo shaved for the summer. I know it sounds horrible, but we can;t stopped looking at him and smiling. He looks so funny with his very, very skinny legs and little belly LOL. Anyway I’m gonna dash, no rest for the wicked and none for me either ;-)

Oi Mosquito…….No!

Welcome to the human blood bank. Step right up and have a snack. Bloddy mosquitos, I could gladyly give them a used tampon, to get my own back. There’s must be something in this body that is sweet nectar for those bloody things. Me and Sherri spent the evening in the garden getting ready for tomorrow. Today was the glorious day when Sherri called me at work to let me know the pool was 80F. That means summer is here and I had to get the pool ready for swimming.

Anyway to cut a long story short, the lawn is now mowed. The pool is now clean and chlorinated and I’m just awaiting Mr Sunshine tomorrow morning, so I can plunge me rippling muscles throught the clear blue water. OK, so maybe bulging twelve pack doesn’t quite have the same ring, but I shall be bathing nonetheless.

Actually when I said tomorrow morning, I think I really meant to say early tomorrow afternoon, as I’m in the mood for a nice drink tonight, so I can have a nice lie in tomorrow and not have to get up to feed my little babes. It’s been a good couple of weeks before I had a lie in and I intend to take advantage of it.

Anyway time to refill my glass. Good my Internet, hello Captain Morgan.

Here Comes The Sun!

Life is good. The sun is shining, the skies are blue and I’m sitting here at the breakfast table listening to my babies wake up after their 5:40am feed. Today is my usual late day. Sherri takes the babies to playgroup in Kanata, so I give her a hand and she drops me off to work on her way. If I’m a really good boy, she drops lunch off to me on her way back.

Kosmo is doing fine. Touch wood he is now in his clear period, so 4 weeks or more before we have to attend to the little patient. Talking of patience, I must have loads, as the little git got me up at 4:30am this morning. He was howling his little heart out. I think he went to sleep a little early last night and was just ready for a brand new day. Yes abrand new day of sleeping around the house, life sure is tough :-)

So with summer coming, it’s time to get the garden into order. Yes, I mowed recently, but the bloody grass doesn’t seem to want to slow down it’s rapid growth rate. So this weekend it will be out in the garden again, cleaning the pool and generally getting the garden ready for lazing.

Well I’m off to make another cup of tea, before the ankle biters fully wake up and demand some attention :-)