Monthly Archives: July 2005

Somehow time is so short, but it’s becoming increasingly longer because of this furking crappy Mac keyboard. I know it’s horses for courses, but this keyboard frankley is a donkey.

Talking of donkies, what ever happened to Arsenal’s Tony Adams?

I love mu family more than words can say, but it breaks my hear to see little kosmo have yet another seizure. I must admit I’m a bit lacadasical, as he had his seizure on Friday, but I can blame my lazy arsed self on not saying a dickie bird. Anyway on the day I was meant to start my holiday from work, Kosmo decided to have a brain fart.

I don’t want to sound like a callous bastard, but he does pick his moments. No matter what, I wou;ldn;t change a thing.

Weather is still fine and I think I’m beginning to get burnt to furk, but with a tasty wife wih loads of goopy stuff, I’m, in heaven.

So time for me to go pop, pop, bed calls and so does the wife and the beer too… now which order should I play that one?……. LOL

A Burp from the Ionosphere!

Hey ho and a toodle pip. Yes, Mr Not Many Posts is back again and will probable pop off again for a while…. maybe. So let’s see, what’s been happening lately.

Firstly, I am on 2 weeks holiday from work and so far the pool hasn’t been warm enough to swim in. The weather is really nice, but it’s been getting cool at night, so the pool keeps getting cool. Hopefully, the next few days should be better.

We finally got around to getting our deck installed, and just in time for the twins christening. Now we can really utilize the garden, which we haven’t been able to do in the past. In fact we are out there most nights eat fod, that yours truly has whipped up on the barbecue.

I’m still typing badly on this Mac computer. My PC decided to throw a hissy fit and I am unable to turn it on for longer than about 5 seconds before it decides it’s had enough and wants to go back to sleep. I shall get around to fixing it eventually, but at least I have this Mac to work on and my laptop, although the wireless network card I have in that is awfully slow.

Anyway just wanted to post a quick update. Sherri and the girls are at church and the babies are getting ready to wake up from their snooze. I can hear them now. Turrah!

Here Is I.

Poetry strikes at the strangest of times. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes, it’s just plain pretenious drivel. Ah, but who am I to say, I just write the crap :-)

I must admit to feeling a slight feeling of melancholia. My two oldest are out shopping with their Mum and my two babies are fast alseep, preparing for another day. I am sitting in the basement, having a few beers, watching Canadian Idol and jabbing the keys of this stupid Mac keyboard.

Actually to give you an idea, I am not going to corrent anything from this point on, unless I feel my fat fingers are making the mistake. Sayinh that i bet that I don;t make a mistake fro here on in. Bloody stupid computers :-) Or is it stupid bloody mac craop/ Hey maybe that’s just me being a bit anti Mac, but just in some areas.

So far I’m loving the discovery of a new OS and hope to add another string to my bow. Time will tell if I manage to make my millions in the mac field. Hey in a Mac field at elast I won’;t get wet./

Bloody stupid keyboard!!!

This Moment in Time

I feel the pressure within.
The yearing to complete the race.
To complete the race in first place.
To have tried my best, to not embarass those around.

To be the best is not for any one.
Not even for my self or the will within.
My heart is the place for my family and friends,
No on else belongs, no one, no one at all.

I shall bid a fond farewell in my own sweet time.
No reason to bid a sad adieu.

Ooops, Am I Bad :-)

Wow, firstly sorry for the extreme lapse between posts. Summer is here and I’m taking full advantage of the glorious sun… in between thunderstorms that is. Actually Sherri, Mandi, the babies and I were due to go out shopping on Saturday. However Sherri found out that Sunday was going to be really rainy, so she suggested I stay at home and take advantage of the sun, as it will probably be my only chance before Monday. And take advantage of the sun I did. In all honesty it wasn’t just the sun I took advantage of, I managed to keep my self lubed with sun tan lotion and beer :-)

Other late breaking news, that I’m sure is going to throw many people who know me for six, is I have purchased an Apple Mac. Yes, I remember all the things I said about them in the past, but the times they are a changin’. With Apples now using the OSX operating system, they are more like glorified Unix machines than the old style Apples. Anyway I haven’t had a huge chance to play with it yet, but from what I have seen it’s pretty neat. Anyway the Mac I bought is the Mac Mini, 1.4ghz. I also purchased a KVM switch, so I can use the same keyboard, mouse and monitor, and just hit a certain key combination to switch between them. I actually bought it to do all my video editing, but I found out late in the day, that the Mac Mini doesn’t come with a DVD writer… ARRRRGH. Anyway fortunately I found a way to save everything to the PC and then burn it from there, so that’s OK.

Anyway I’ve been rambling on and must draw this post to a close. I’ll do that by saying Lucy and Sarah are doing great. Lucy now has 6 teeth and Sarah has just the 1 so far. They’re putting weight on nicely and are just the most wodnerful babies ever. Meanwhile Mandi is now working with me during the summer holidays, while Alanna is just having a crefree time enjoying her sleep, the sun and the pool. Ah the joys of youth. I’ll try to up my posting over the next few weeks. TTFN

OK Honey!

I was just informed by my better half, that I haven’t made an entry since June 23rd, so here I am, all full of the joys of July. We went to the baby docs yesterday for their checkup and everything is prgressing nicely. Sarah is 16 pounds 8 oz and Lucy is 15 pounds 3 oz. Every day they grow more and more in size and in personality and I just love them to bits.

Living in Canada makes it all the harder to hear the news of the bombings in England, but no matter what, from what I’ve seen, those cowardly bastards will never break the resolve of the English. It makes me proud to be English to see people still travelling on the tube and buses, declaring nothing will make them curl up in a corner.

You can break our hearts, but you can never break our spirits.