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Man, That Weekend Wizzed By.

It’s hard to believe the weekend is over already, or it will be once Sherri gets home with my coffee. She went to the Corel Centre to pick the girls up from their My Chemical Romance concert and being the wonderful oomen she is, she getting me a coffee for my Timmy’s fix.

Saturday was a fun day. We got the babies dressed up nice and warm and took them out in the snow. Lucy was a bit hesitant at first, but once Alanna came out and we got them on their little sleds, she was fine. I’ve got a ton of great pictures and will hopefully get them online in the next day or so. Sarah was great, she really enjoyed crawling over the snow and both she and Lucy also enjoyed eating it. I did however make sure I gave them the number one lesson in snow. “Don’t eat the yellow snow” :-)

So the Sens continued their unbelievable run and won another game on Saturday against Boston. Heatly also managed to get another point, so he’s still on track to beat one of Wayne Gretzky’s many records.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I got up around 10:30am and managed to get a few more reviews for my sites ready. Sherri went out to do some more Christmas shopping, so I had the babies all to myself. Later that day, Lucy showed how much better she is with her unassisted walking. Sarah is also getting a lot steadier on her feet. We dug out a stroller toy we bought a few months ago and she’s much happier with that, as she can also move it when she comes to a stop against a wall.

Anyway Sherri and the girls are now home, so I have to drink my coffee and get to bed. Night, Night.

Winter Wonderland

As the long night drew in, the temperature went from cold to colder. I think I got a really extensive look at the back of my eyelids around 12:00am. Something awoke me with a start around 1:00am, but back to the eyelid watching I went for another, shorter than usual sleep.

Nothing look different in the early morning light, until I decided to open the blinds in the diner and was greeted with the sight you see in the picture.

So winter is finally upon us. That means the idiots will be out on the roads again, as they are ever year, when the first snow falls. Thank God I decided to take our car in for a service yesterday and also got the snow tyres installed. Another 4 months or so of noisy tyres, but at least we’ll be that little bit safer. That is as long as we don’t believe we’re invincible cos we’ve got snow tyres :-)

Still Here!

So much has happened in the last week or so, but I’ve just not wanted to write here. However time passes no matter how you’re feeling and with every day that passes, it’s gets just that little much easier.

Saturday before last was the hardest as it was our first hockey game without Kosmo. He always loved hockey as that was the only time we threw his ball in the house and he loved it. It helped that the Sens have been on fire of late. In fact one night we had to throw his ball 10 times, the poor little fella was knackered after that one. I promised him that I would throw his ball at the next game just for him, on our first goal, but the Sens waited till the end of the first period to score. But that ball threw through the air and it hit me that he was gone. I don’t want to dwell any more on the bad, I want to think now of only the good and day by day we’ve had more and more laughs remembering him. It’s going to be a hard Christmas, but with the babies it makes it that much easier, than it would otherwise.

We finally got the garden finished off and the pool covered. he garage is now nice and clean again and I can now park the van in it at night, which means I don’t have t worry about frost and snow in the mornings. Did I say snow, yes I did, last week we had a small snowfall and the rad was very tricky, well our road was anyway. I was doing about 10km and put my foot on the brake at the end of the road, but the car didn’t want to stop. Luckily I just snaked a bit and finally managed to stop. Luckily tomorrow I take the car in for a service and will get the snow tyres put on. We are due more snow later this week. In fact I think it’s due to snow for the rest of the week.

Last Saturday we took the babies to their first Santa Clause parade, which was held locally. Idiot that I am, I only took my thin jacket and no gloves. I think I won’t be making that same mistaked again :-) I thought the parade would be a few cars long. I was wrong. The parade drove past us for an hour and I was freezing by the end of it. We did however take refuge afterwards at the local Denny’s restaraunt, but not before we drove around for half an hour, given the babies a chance for a power nap.

Saturday night I had to go into hospital for the night. It’s looking more and more likely that I suffer Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Basically I stop breathing sometimes in my sleep, which scares the living daylights out of Sherri, but I can;t say I’ve noticed :-) OK, that’s not quite true, as I’m waking up very tired, even with a long sleep. I’ve also got a nagging sore throat which is the result of my snoring. I may have to go in again soon to have tests with a breathing machine, won;t that be fun. I should have taken a camera in with me as I looked like Frankensteins monster with all those wires on me.

So that just about brings us up to date. Hockey again tonight and we’re plaing what is turning out to be our bogey team, Carolina. They’re only one of two teams to beat us so far this year and they done it twice. Hopefully we can show them how real hockey is played tonight. Fingers crossed.

Goodbye Little Fella!

Today was probably the worst day of my life ever, as today we said goodbye to our little man, Kosmo. He’s basically been having seizures since Wednesday. The last two days, were pretty much his usual pattern, but today he’d had 5 seizures and none of the medication was helping. To see him today just broke our hearts. He’d had two seizures while I was at work today and when I got home, Sherri went out to pick up some bits and pieces. While she was gone, Kosmo had another 3. The last of which had him caught under a dining room chair and somehow, he’d got wedged in pretty firmly.

Kosmo had basically had epileptic fits since New Years day of 2004. For most of the first year or so, we’d pretty much got them under control. Every 6 weeks or so, he’d have maybe a seizure in the morning and another at night and that would be it until the next 6 week episode. Lately however he’d moved further and further towards 4 weeks between episodes and then he’d have maybe 4-5 seizures. Every seizure he’d have, would be hard. He was basically blind after each seizure and his heart would race like you wouldn’t believe. In the last few months, he’s pretty much lose the use of his legs for 10 minutes or more.

After his fifth seizure today and after giving him his valium medication, I decided it was time to take him to the vets, so called the emergency number and took him in with Sherri. The vet basically said that with each seizure his brain would swell and he’d potentially suffer some kind of damage with each seizure. She said that as he was such a young dog, it was almost inevitable that his condition would advance and she would understand if we chose to euthanise him. Sherri and I were left alone and made what was probably the hardest choice ever. We decided that it was best to listen to the vet and ensure that Kosmo would not suffer anymore. Even though I know we did the right thing, it’s still not easy. It’s still hard to think that we will never see him again.

The vet took Kosmo to be sedated and brought him back to use in a small room with a sofa. We were left alone with him for 10 minutes and told him how much we loved him. The vet came back in and tested his IV, by injecting some saline solution. Once she confirmed that his IV was properly set up, she told us that she would now be injecting a large dose of sedative that would basically send him to sleep very quickly. She went ahead and injected the sedative and within a matter of 20 seconds our little man was gone.

I know now his suffering is over. I know that he’ll never have to worry about having a seizure with no one around, but still I feel a sense of guilt. I know no one is to blame, but I’m sure anyone who has been through this will know what I mean. It was only after Kosmo was taken away that I realised it was still remembrance day. A fitting day really and it will always give us an opportunity to remember Kosmo on this day every year.

We love you our little man. We’ll miss you always.

Your family.

300 Posts and Still Going!

Wow can you believe it. This is the 300th post on my blog. Nearly 2 years have gone by since I started it, but it certainly had the desired effect, getting me to get into the habit of writing. It also had the side effect of getting me to start another 3 sites, all of them requiring me to write, so that’s a good thing also. I just wish I had a simple way to tell how many words I’ve written so far. Now that would be interesting. Actally a whole host of stats would be interesting. Come on Blogger, how about some stats on :

  • Average posts per week/month
  • Total word wount
  • Average word count per post
  • Longest pause between entries

That’s just to name a few. Now that would be fascinating stuff, that maybe they could process every quarter or something.

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table, listening to some classical music that I’m reviewing and posting this entry. Kosmo is laid at my feet, just chilling out. Poor little fella had his usual cluster of seizures yesterday, so is feeling a bit under the weather. In fact I know he had a seizure in his cage between last night and this morning, as there was dog do in his cage when I went to get him this morning, which is very unusual for him. I hate to see him through these episodes, but it’s better than the alternative. Yes it’s hard, but at every 4-6 weeks, we can manage. He’s as fine as anything otherwise.

Cor, he just let one go and it’s an interesting aroma to say the least. Now where did I leave my gas mask?

What’s Up?

As a matter of fact, not too much. Life goes on in it’s own inimitable fashion. That’s not so say I’m complaining, cos I’m not, but I suppose it’s just the calm before the storm, that is Christmas. I think I’ll be eating my words then. Oh well, enjoy it while I can.

I still have a bunch of chores to do before the winter finally rolls in. The tarp is still not on the pool and the patio furniture still needs to be moved to the basement. I should also really get off my butt and put up the Christmas lights, before it’s too late and I get frostbite trying.

That’s not to mention all of the techy stuff that needs doing. I need to reconfigure the server downstairs and need to get a lot of my websites moved to it. I also need to finally fix the meeks website. Actually that’s not quite true, I’ve actually fixed it, I just need to test and upload it. Oh well I’ll get around to it eventually. I also need to work out once and for all if I have a problem with my Mac or whether I have a problem with my digital video camera. Either way we’re screwed, it’s such a pain as I got both the camera and the mac to make life simpler for making baby DVDs. And I won’t even mention my screwed up PC. Bloody technology.

On a final note, it was my nephew Stewarts birthday on Friday. I sent him an email, but am not sure if I got the right address or not. Anyway hope you had a great birthday Stewart.

OK, time to clock off and bang off some entries for my other sites.

It’s Not Me Honest Guvnor’

My mate Rod sent me this and although the name is similar and the location was awfully near where I used to live, it most definately isn’t me.

Click Here for BBC news link

A Busy Boy Was I!

So miracle upon miracle, I actually uploaded 4 new photo albums last night, including pictures from last nights Halloween. Not that Sherri was too impressed, as I was still up at 11:30pm trying to get them done, when she went to bed. I finally managed to get to bed at jusr after midnight.

Technology is meant to be our friend, but at the moment there always seems to be something that throws a spanner in the works. Last night it was Picasa, the photo software I use. I’d recently upgraded to the latest, newest version, but smething in the software changed, which meant my templates for our website didn’t work. Consequently I had to uninstall and then reinstall the older version. That was once I’d finally managed to work out what had happened.

Hockey is going well. We stuffed Toronto on Saturday night 8-0, which was nice, but we weren’t so lucky the following game as we lost 5-3 to the Flyers. Oh well never mind, we’ve still only lost two games, after having won the first 6 games in succesion.

So last night was Halloween. I’m still not overly enamoured with it as a holiday, but last night was the first night we took Lucy and Sarah out and although at first they didn;t know what to make of it, the weren’t frightened at all. The best bit for them was when we got back home and we emptied their little bags in front of them. Wow you should have seen them go. Sarah managed to eat nearly a whole coffee crip. Talking of crisps, they were popular too. Not that they ate them, but Lucy had a bag hanging from her mouth for at least 10 mintes. When they finally went to bed, they were tired, but I think they enjoyed it. Anyway pics are on the site, only available from the link on the right of the home page (yes I still haven’t fixed the photo album yet).

Anyway gotta dash, the babies are just finishing their bottles and they need some waffles :-)