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Oi, Jason Spezza, Where’s My Sharpie?

So last night I posted yet another edition of my Indie Launchpad Podcast. For anyone who wants to hear my dolcet tones, as well as some cracking indie music, check it out,

Today was one of those days that I really look forward to, for today was the day we took our babies to see the Senators hockey team. Usually every year, the Ottawa Senators hocky team has an open skills day, where they determine who has the hardest shot, who has the most accurate shot, who is the fastest, etc. We didn’t have one last year, which is probably good as the babies weren’t really old enough to take along, but this year they were.

As soon as I found out when the skills day was this year, I immediately got tickets on the Internet, which probably contributed to our really great tickets in the 100 level, which meant that we could see all the expressions on the players face and managed to get some really good video. We went with John, Marge and Frances and had a really good day. Sarah was in her element, clapping hands and singing. Lucy also enjoyed it, but she’s been a bit off the last couple of days, having said that though, she did us proud. It was only after we went back to Johns, that Lucy started fussing. She was reall hot and had a bit of a temperature by the time we got back. Sherri called Telehealth and they said we didn;t need to take her to CHEO, but to take into the clinic tomorrow. Alanna had strep throat a couple of weeks ago, so that is the fear, that maybe Lucy has caught it.

We put the babies to bed at around 6:30pm, which is earlier than usual, but they both crashed out as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

So what’s this about Jason Spezza then. Well Alanna went with Frances to get her shirt autographed and managed to get Daniel Alfredsson and Ray Emmery. She also got Jason Spezza, but the git walked off with our sharpie pen, which mean’t that Alanna couldn’t get any more autographs. Not that it mattered much, because the two autographs she was after most (Chris Neil and Brian McGratten) never ever stuck around to give autographs, which is sad. So if you are listening out there Spezza, can I have my Sharpie back.

Anyway I want to get this posted, before I rant too much. Sherri has gone to the pharmacy to get Alanna something for her cough and then we are ordering some burgers. So TTFN, catch you soon.

Where Art Though Col Boy!

OK, so maybe I have been a bit quiet of late. What with the PC in the basement, going on the fritz and then the laptop power supply giving up the ghost, I’ve only had the Mac to rely on, which has meant that I needed to actally be in the basement to do anything on the blog. Compound with that the fact, that all the sourcecode for the blog was also on the laptop, which meant no changes there. Anyway the PC is now fixed (Although the bloody DVD writer is now on the fritz), the laptop now has a new power supply via eBay and I can finally get back into my strutt.

Actually that’s not the reason for my last two weeks of absence. My other websites have been taking a hige toll on my time, as I haven’t figured out a routine for getting through all the reviews. On top of that, I finally got out the first Indie Launchpad podcast (, and indeed released the second one last Friday. For anyone interested in independent music, you can hear some cracking songs and also get to hear my dulcet tones… can’t be bad :-)

Sarah and Lucy, never fail to amaze me. They are both now walking full time and none of this toddling stuff, they are out and out racing around, especially when you need to change their nappies. Mandi and Ally took them to school yesterday, while Sherri ran around doing some bits and pieces. The babies apparently did them proud and they even got to take their first bus ride without us… actually it was their first bus ride ever and I missed it :-(

The winter is much milder than usual, but saying that we stil managed to get 25cm of snow dumped on us on Saturday. It was that real heavy wet snow, which again killed my back shovelling it, but I did get some help from Sherri, ah teamwork. Talkng of my wonderful wife, she’s getting ready to go back to work in a couple of weeks. It’s a real hard tie for her, as she’s really going to miss the babies, but I’m sure they’ll be find with Mandi, until she starts university.

Anyway I have to scoot, the babies are getting restless and it’s time they had some breakfast. Ah it’s non stop for the ever busy Dad.

Hey Ho!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good New Year. The weather here has turned a little mild, with a balmy 1 degree and some rain, which is washing away bit by bit our glorious snow. In fact the canal has closed for a while, so no skating, but I’m sure that will change over the next few days.

Life is pretty hectic at the moment. Work is keeping me busy as are my other interests. I’m almost ready to launch the Indie Launchpad podcast, so look out for an announcement from me soon, especially if you like independent music.

My dektop PC is finally back and actually operational, however as always the joys are somewhat short lived, as my DVD writer has now developed a problem, bloody computers. On top of that, the power supply on my laptop got fried, so Sherri has been missing her link to the outside world, I should really look into getting another one.

So just wanted to say hi to all and let you know I’m still here. I’ll try to post a new photo album over the weekend and maybe do another personal podcast. Anyway TTFN.

Meeks New Year Podcast 2006

Hi Everyone

The podcast of my years end message is now online, which means you can lisen to me rant for 25 minutes in glorious pseudo stereo. You can dowload it from or listen to it using the player below. Just lick on the pause button. Please be patient as this is rather a large file. All comments gratefully received. Colin