Monthly Archives: February 2006

Did The Earth Move For You?

I’ve been in Canada for nearly 6 years now and still I keep having first time experiences. Last night it was an earthquake. Yes you heard me right, I said EARTHQUAKE. It was about 8:30pm last night. The babies were in bed, Alanna was at her friends house and Mandi was at the flicks with her boyfriend. Anyway me and Sherri heard a loud crashing sound and the house shook, but it only lasted around 2 or 3 seconds. I checked outside and heard a low flying plane and it must have been a big one. Anyway we put it down to that, but when Mandi came home, she mentioned that she’d heard on the radio about the earthquake, which she’d felt at the movies, but put down to a movie on another screen.

So that’s about all the excitement that’s happened here so far. I have a few exciting things to announce soon, but I just want to wait until they come into fruition. One thing I can announce is my involvement with the Podcast User Magazine, for which I am one of the founding members. I’ve been writing stuff till it comes out of my ears, but it’s been nice to finally have a real outlet, what with the magaine and other review sites I run, for which I have a fairly decent audience.

Oh yeah, Mandi turned 19 on Thursday. It’s funny how quickly time has flown, I remember when she was a quiet 12 year old :-) Oh how the times have changed.

Anyway I wanna go and throw some things together before bed. The weather here is bloody freezing and we are expecting 10-25cm of snow in the next few days. It’s on days like this, I love being snuggly warm at home LOL

Mistake, I’ve had a few, but then again…

Life is a funny thing. It can be a ruthless taskmaster, a forgiving friend, or a sensuous partner. In all my nearing 38 years of up and down life, I can wholeheartedly say, I have at times been an absolute areshole. For me though, the important thing has alway been learning from your mistakes. I think it’s been nearly 7 or 8 years before my last hair brained near death encounter. The encounter where one of my so called friends (can you hear me Chris), left me with blood pumping out of my head, to get his last tube train home. But that’s all beside the point, this isn’t about anyone else but me.

I’m not an idiot, pratt or dick head, but I’ve been all of those at one time or another, but that’s life. You live and you learn. Sometime the learning is the hardest part. Sometimes it takes a couple of times to learn your mistakes, but once you do, the lesson is with you for life. Being a parent means it’s up to me to pass some of my hard learnt lessons down to my children. Sometimes this is like getting a princess to kiss a frog. You know what I’m talking about. When you start talking and all you get is that face that reminds you of someone sucking lemons. But hopefully, one day these lessons get learnt and the same mistakes don’t rear their ugly head again, at least not with this clan.

I have no idea why I started this blog entry. Maybe my subconcious is trying to prepare me for another hard learnt lesson, I bloody well hope. It’s gone 10:30pm on a Thursday night and I’m just winding down to go to bed. Outside is the remnants of the freezing rain, that’s put a sheen on all the snow that covers our back yard. Time me finks to have another cup of tea, wind down and head off to bed. Then I can wake up and wonder what this was all about.

Normality has been restored. Sort of Anyway!

So we enter a new month and life in the Meeks household goes back to some form of normality. Sherri started back to work yesterday. It was her first day back since October. As you can understand she wasn’t looking forward to it, but I’m sure it will do her good talking to some adults again :-) This however means, that since we only have one car, Sherri has to drop me off at work at around 7am, so I don’t get to see the babies first thing in the morning, which is hard, but their faces at night when we come home are priceless.

I’m trying to get some video up on the web, it’s just trying to find the right format to run smoothly. I also need to get some DVDs sorted, so I can get them in the post to my Mum and Dad, but with no working DVD recorder at home, that’s pretty difficult. I’m sure I’ll get something sorted soon.

I can just hear Sherri upstairs, she is now ready for work, so I will sign off and go spend some time with my lovely wife. Turrah!