Monthly Archives: June 2006

Where Does All The Time Go?

It’s amazing, over 2 weeks since my last post and it just seems like yesterday. I used to post an entry in my blog nearly every day, but life catches up with you sooner or later and I suppose it’s inevitable.

Englands World Cup is just over a week old and we are thankfully through to the next round. We still have the concluding game of our group to go, which we should try to win, as I’m sure it effects who we play next. So far the World Cup has shown that there are no walkover teams. Yes we’ve had a few lopsided results, but it’s amazing that teams like Trinidad, Ghana, Iran and Angola have shown that football in the rest of the world is developing nicely. I think the next few weeks are going to prove quite interesting.

The summer is finally beginning to show it’s face and we are being told to expect a heatwave. I took the opportunity today to get the garden sorted, so a shot back and sides, front and back and the garden has been restored to something Sarah and Lucy can safely play in. Sherri and I went to Home Depot to try to get the things needed, for me to build a gae to the swimming pool. It’s amazing how inadequate you can feel, when you haven’t got a clue what you are doing. Oh well, we didn’t spend a fortune, so if it turns into a pigs ear, we can always just throw up a baby gate.

My podcast is coming on nicely. For those who don’t know, for the past 23 weeks, I’ve released a 30-60 minute music show available to the world via podcasting. You can find out more about it here. A podcast is basically an audio recording that you can subscribe to. All of the music, is music I’ve reviewed on my website Indie Launchpad. As you can see, I’m managing to cram in tons of stuff, into the little free time I have.

Anyway time for me to go move the car and have a couple of beers. Father’s day is tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to lazing around and spending time with my wonderful family. Have a nice weekend.

3 Lions!

So the dust has finally settled on both the mishaps mentioned previously. Now I have the chance to raise my expections for England as the start of the World Cup is almost upon us. It’s funny I’ve been in Canada for over 6 years and it’s only at time like these that my Englishness is ever apparent and I feel that English pride. Not that I’m not proud to be English at all other times, there’s just something special about the World Cup. It brings back memories of watching games down the pub with friends and workmates. Rallying together for that roar, when we manage to score and sink our sorrows in another pint when the opposition does the same to us. I have to admit I’m not a hige fan of football, but this is one of those special occassions that transends the sport and is more about bringing people together.

I have no idea how England are going to do. I don’t even know who half the people on are squad are, but it doesn’t matter. This year will be the 40th year since we won the World Cup, so it’s about time we did it again. To win it in Germany would be an added bonus, enabling us to update the time old chant…. which I’m not going to mention here. Remember don’t mention the war.