Monthly Archives: September 2006

We’re having a baby… Yes another one!

I am happy to announce that Sherri and I are expecting the pitter patter of little feet, sometime in April 2007. As far as we know, it is only one set of feet, but until we see a better ultrasound picture, twins can’t be ruled out. Actually fraternal twins can be ruled out, but there’s still a chance of identical twins, but it’s very, very unlikely, or that’s what we are telling ourselves.

I have to admit, this little baby has come as a total surprise to us. After the absolute shock faded, we realised we are both very happy to add another little one to our family. Yes it’s going to be touch with 3 small children under 3, but it certainly won;t be dull.

I just want to say how much I love my wife and how I should thank her every day for giving me the life I always wanted.

It’s often said that “the Meek shall inherit the earth”. I’m just happy for another “Meeks to inhabit Ottawa”