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Scary Stuff, and I Don’t Mean Halloween!

No matter how many hours there are in a day, there just aren’t enough. Yes folks this is why it’s been over a month between blog entries. This isn’t the only blog to suffer. Actually suffer isn’t the right word, but for anyone who has an active, ever expanding family, I’m sure will understand.

Having over a month between entries, doesn’t mean not much has happened in our lives. Au contraire. Sherri has been a bit under the weather during this pregnancy. She’s been feeling really nauseous and lethargic. Fortunately a prescription from the doctor, managed to alleviate one of these ailments, but Sherri is still feeling very tired.

Last week we went to the hospital for our first full ultrasound, but it unfortunately wasn’t without incident. We got to the hospital in good time for our 1pm appointment, but just as we were about to go through the hospital doors, Sherri pulled up with a very worrying look on her face. She whispered something to me, but I just didn’t hear. As she motioned downwards I could see her jeans were soaked with what turned out to be blood. Sherri had felt an intense discharge occur, which ended up being something akin to a blood clot. Sherri made it to the hospital bathroom on the ground floor and came out after a few minutes. I was pretty worried, but tried not to it. When I next saw Sherri, she had tears in her eyes and was very distressed, as was I. All we could both think of was the baby. We thought about going to the emergency room, but decided it was probably best to head up to our ultrasound appointment. Seeing the baby on the ultrasound, would be the best thing to ease our minds.

This is where the farce begins. We got to the ultrasound department and explained everything. They recommended we head down to the triage, at the end of the floor. We get to triage, explain the situation and then finally get ushered to a room. After a minute or so, a nurse comes in and says we should really go to the emergency room. Yes you can guess what happens next. We get to emergency and they say whilst they can see us now, it’s probably better to go make or ultrasound appointment, as to get an ultrasound later is probably going to be really difficult. The doctor we saw in emergency was pretty sympathetic and assured us we would be seen quickly once we got back from the Ultrasound.

So we finally get our Ultrasound and can see the baby as clear as day, looking and moving well. The nurse couldn’t see any obvious reason for the bleeding and said as much in her final report. So back we head to the Emergency room, this must have been around 2pm. We were assured we would be seen quickly and that our file had a “dot” on it, which meant we were to be seen quickly. After around an hour or so, we were ushered into a room and told we would be seen soon. Finally at around 4:40pm, a doctor comes in and in his 3 minute speech, tells us basically the baby seems fine, but what “will be, will be”. Both Sherri and I were stunned at this blaise attitude. Not only that, but to be kept waiting over 2 hours, just so some dick head of a doctor can basically say, what amounts to, cest la vie. He then went on to say, if Sherri has another episode of bleeding, “to not bother coming back in, unless it’s persistent”. He said, this probably means “You’ve lost the baby, so not worth coming in, just let nature take it’s course”. Yes you can imagine how we felt.

Now I realise doctors see a multitude of people everyday, but there’s no excuse for this total lack of compassion. Even now, when I read this back, my blood boils.

So yes, we are over the 12 week mark and entering the second trimester, and hopefully things will get a little easier. We have an appointment with the OB/GYN next week, which should hopefully answer a lot of questions and once again give us a bit of peace and mind that the baby is OK. Sherri and I went to her regular doctor, the next day and she told Sherri to take a couple of weeks off and rest, which I have to add is in total contradiction to what the Doctor told us, just before we left the hospital.

With Sherri of work, it means I get to drive to work, but not before I drop the babies off at the day care. It’s only a minute or two’s drive, but it’s a real pain when it’s raining. I also leave work at around 4:30pm, so I can pick them up and I have to say, I’ve always got a smile on my face on the drive there. They are always so happy to see either Sherri or I when we go to pick them up.

So that’s baby news. Work or me is busy. I seem to be constantly juggling 2 or 3 clients at the moment. Hopefully things will settle down soon, as my brain is beginning to feel like some kind of murky soup.

The weather here is getting really crappy. Sherri commented today, that it’s more like Spring than Autumn. It seems to rain every day, which is a real pain in the arse. I managed to fish the pool ladder out, with the assistance of John. It’s only a 50lb bag of sand that weights the ladder down, but when you pull it up, you have to get it over a lip, that it keeps getting caught on, so it’s definitely a 2 man job. Once the rain eases up, I’ll finally drain a couple more feet of water out of the pool and then get it covered for winter.

All the shops you go to seem to be prepping for Halloween, as indeed do some of our neighbor’s. It’s still a few weeks away, but we’ve been pro-active and got the babies costumes sorted out already. Actually I have t admit, it was Sherri that got the costumes sorted. Lucy is going to be a poodle and Sarah is going to be a witch. It’s hard to imagine someone so pretty being a witch, but it’s not that kind of costume, so Lucy need not be frightened.

OK, I think I’ve rambled on enough now. I was going to tell you the saga with our Cable TV/Internet/Telephone provider, but I think that’s better left for an entry of it’s own. Suffice to say, if you find yourself in a situation where a provider is offering to provide you with several services, otherwise offered by separate providers, think carefully. You could find they end up having you by the short and curlies.

I’m off now to get some sleep. Turrah!