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Happy Christmas!

It’s funny, but I only noticed recently that where I’m originally from, wishing someone Happy Christmas goes by without so much as a raised eyebrow. However I’ve done it a few times here in Canada and people look at me like I’m a nut. Ah it’s Merry Christmas is it? Blimey is it really that much of a difference.

Anyway as always I’m off track. Today is the 28th and I’m just going to start reviewing my usual New Years post. You know the one where I make predictions and try to set out goals for myself during the year. Should be interesting as always.

Just wanted to post something here before hand, to do the usual compliments of the season. Don’t forget there will also be a podcast to accompany my New Years blog post. I’ll give you more details of how to listen to it nearer the time.


With Deepest Sympathy

I wasn’t going to write anything on the subject I’m covering in this entry of the blog, but it’s something I just can’t get out of my head, so I think it’s probably good, just to get it out of my system.

A few weeks ago a family of 4 went missing, in the wilderness of Oregon. This probably would have raised just a blip on the news media radar. However the dad in the family, was a media person and indeed one that was very well know in technology circles. I think it was about 5 days that expired before the mum and her two children were found. Fortunately the mum was able to breast feed her 7 month old and also her 4 year old, which meant they were found in reasonable shape. The father however, fearing for his family, had decided 2 days prior to try and seek help.

As the whole story unfolded, the Internet was a buzz with speculation and concern for the family as a whole and indeed for the father after his wife and children were found. Every detail of the search was detailed and spread across the Internet like wildfire. I actually saw the message a few seconds after it was posted on a support website that an unconfirmed report had been heard that the father had been found. I then hopped over to the news sites to see if I could find anything. A few minutes later, I found a live news feed from Oregon and saw everything unfold. The father had been found, but unfortunately it was just too late, he’d apparently succumb to the effects of hypothermia.

It’s hard to post anything without feeling total sorrow for the family. What turned out to be an innocuous road trip, ended in tragedy. It could have been a lot worse, but fortunately it wasn’t. Still however a family is going to be without their father this Christmas. As I look at my children, it’s hard to imagine ever leaving their side, but the father did what he thought needed to be done. Hindsight is a great thing, but unfortunately, we can only make use of it after the fact… if we are lucky.

On the Internet now are comments of hatred, anger and sheer stupidity. I wish people would leave this poor family alone, haven’t they been through enough. 2 children are going to grow up not knowing, or barely knowing their father. Fortunately for them, they will still have a snapshot of his life on the many video segments that are available on the Net, and I’m sure, him being a media man, there will be a plethora of photos and other keepsakes.

I wrestled hard whether to mention the family by name. I didn’t want to seemingly be part of the noise surrounding this, but I also wanted to pay my respects, which is why I did.

With deepest sympathy. James Kim. R.I.P.