Monthly Archives: February 2007

Still Here

It’s amazing how the time just flies. It’s been a month since my last blog entry here and it seems like it was just yesterday. Sherri has been really suffering of late. Not only does she have a separated pelvis, she’s also got a sinus infection and has had 1 of 2 root canals. Aside from that the whole house has been fighting off the flu. I seem to have been lucky and not come down with it, but I can feel my body fighting it.

We had an ultrasound last week and Adam is just over 4 and a half pounds. April 12 will be with us before you know it and bit by bit we are getting things ready. The weather seems to have settled down, although as I say this, it’s snowing outside. Temperatures the last few weeks have been betwen -20 and -30, enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. With 5 children I’m thinking Sherri would like some other balls frozen off.

My writing is keeping my busy. I have a new website to place all my published works, What with that and all my other stuff, I have words coming out of my ears, so to speak. Oh well I suppose it’s better than coming out of the other end.

Sherri’s Hospital Visit

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Last week (Tuesday) Sherri and I went to hospital so Sherri could be checked as she was having contractions. This is the account, typed up as we were being seen.

Sometimes the unknown can be a wonderful thing.After all a surprise isn’t a surprise if you know about it beforehand. However sometimes the unknown can be downright scary. Take now for instance. I’m sitting in the maternity triage department at the Ottawa General Hospital and just been told that yes, the sensations Sherri has been feeling are indeed contractions. I know that they can work wonders now, but contractions at 28 weeks is still not to be sniffed at. If I remember correctly there are some drugs Sherri can take to delay and indeed stop the contractions, which is where I’m hoping this hospital visit will lead, but for now Sherri is lying in bed, wired up to some monitoring device whilst they determine exactly what the next course
of action is going to be.

It feels kind of weird sitting next door to the room, where something similar happened with the twins. That was 33 weeks and I left the hospital a father of twins much quicker than I imagined. Back then we were totally unprepared.Sherri hadn’t even bought any pajamas or anything for her hospital stay. I had to go out the next day to pick everything up. Anyway it’s not going to happen.We are going to leave this hospital in a few hours with Adam tucked up safe and sound where it should be for at least 6+ weeks more… to be continued

Just had a student doctor in asking lots of questions. It’s funny but why do you get so many people asking essentially the same questions. I know in emergency departments, this is done on purpose to gauge someones alertness, but here it just seems like pointless repetition. Anyway the student doctor doesn’t seem too concerned. Contractions are pretty normal and we could potentially go home and Sherri could still be having them weeks later. It’s only a real concern when the contractions begging to change, getting closer together and more intense. We’ll have to keep any eye on that. Before that however they want to do an internal exam to just ensure that Sherri’s cervix isn’t dilated and that it is till long. We were warned that it could take a while before we are seen again… to be continued

Doctor just came in and went through everything with us. He’s going to do an internal exam and take a fluid sample. IF the internal is fine, then we are probably back off home. If it’s something not normal, he’ll send the swab off for analysis, looking specifically for a certain kind of protein. We’re just waiting on a nurse to assist… to be continued

The doctor has complete his exam and everything seems fine. He’s still going to send off the swab and a urine sample, just to ensure there’s not infection. We still need to come back tomorrow if the contractions persist so they can check the cervix again. Doctor is going to come back soon to just let us know we are good to go… to be continued

We are good to go!