Monthly Archives: March 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me. For today, March 5th is my 39th birthday. Yes I’m still on the right side of 40, but only just. Today so far has been an interesting diversion to the norm. I got the babies ready as usual and got them off to daycare and was going to go into work for a couple of hours, before going to the ultrasound with Sherri. I realised though that, Sherri would have to come and get me about 10:15, so it seemed crazy to get the bus into work, only to leave an hour or so later.

So as I’m typing this, Sherri and I are in a clinic, waiting for an hour to pass, so Sherri’s blood/sugar level can be taken. This is to determine if she has gestational diabetes. Yes, yet another potential problem. Touch wood it’s just a formality, but my little boy is getting to be quite large and that’s what the doctor is concerned about.

So yes we are in the clinic, but we’d just come from the ultrasound. Adam is now 5 pound and 11 ounces, so that’s over a pound in 3 weeks. At this rate he could end up being a 9 pounder. Luckily Sherri is having a caesarian, so that’s one thing off her mind, but then you have the added problem of not having any clothes to fit, as nearly all the stuff we have so far is for 7-8 pounds. Ah the complexities of it all.

It’s unbelievable how the weekends go by so quickly. I picked Sarah and Lucy up from daycare on Friday night and made sure to tell Akhter, the provider, to ensure they had their snow pants on, when I came to pick them up. We like to play out in the snow on Friday and then go inside for hot chocolate. Friday morning, most of the snow had compacted and turned to ice, but by the time I picked the girls up, there was about 20cm of snow covering everything, including the driveway. So while I was shoveling the driveway, the girls were puttering away with their buckets and spades. Because the snow was so deep, I didn’t have to worry too much about them scurrying away, but still made sure to keep a close eye on them.

The rest of the weekend, was just a blur. Mandi came to visit on Saturday and stayed the night. The girls love to see her, as she does like to make a fuss of them. And here we are, Monday morning and a new working week ahead of me.

I did a podcast last night, having missed one last week, due to not having the correct permissions for a couple of the tracks. That was all sorted and I decided to do a slightly longer show. Although I had all the show notes and emails pre-prepared, I totally forgot about doing the podcast itself, I only realised late on Sunday night, so finally got the podcast posted around midnight.

Apart from that, the weather is still cold, but not bitter. That’s going to change tomorrow, when apparently it’s going down to about -38c. Thank God Sherri has now finished work, meaning I get to take the car.

Anyway I’m gonna dash. I’ll try to get this posted when I get to work, so it doesn’t end up getting posted days later. Take care all.