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Go Sens Go!

Yeah baby, it’s update time again. Regular life is on hold at the moment. So much to do, so little time to do it. Adam is growing at a rapid rate and looking cuter by the day. He has a real interest in what’s around and loves to lift his head up and look at everything. He’s also smiling like you wouldn’t believe. Even the coldest of hearts, couldn’t help but melt when when they see those rosy chops, break out into a smile.

With Adam still feeding every 2.5 to 4 hours, it’s pretty hard to break away to do other stuff, especially as he’s been spoiled rotten lately, which now means he only seems to sleep solid through the day, when he’s in someones arms. Oh well that’s a hardship that’s not too hard to live with.

Mandi has now finished university for the year. She’s doing really well and is still an honor student. She’s also now the proud parent to Macie. No don’t feint, she hasn’t given birth, she and Jason are now the proud parent to a WestiePoo. I haven’t seen it in person yet, but from the photos it looks like a cure little thing.

Alanna is working hard and looking forward to having the summer off. She and Mandi are off to a concert in Toronto next weekend, I think it’s Fall Out Boy, but I could be wrong…. but I don;t think I am…. I think.

Sarah and Lucy continue to delight and amaze. They’re such beautiful kids. Sarah could talk your ear off given the chance and Lucy continues to melt the hearts of everyone she meets. They’re both on a bit of a kick at the moment. I have to say it’s probably my fault, but they’re become great fans of Des O’Connor. Yes you heard me right, that old crooner who had a string of hits in the sixties. Actually they’ve become fans of a particular song called Dick-a-Dum-Dum. Man I can’t get in the car with them, without a scream for me to play it. And I do mean scream.

Sherri is still having it a bit rough. She went to the doctors a week or so ago and the doctor said she had pneumonia. Yeah, just add that to the string of health problems she’s had lately. Fortunately I think she’s over the worst, just in time for Sarah and Lucy to come down with a cold again. Man are we ever going to have a healthy house again.

As you can see the website has changed yet again. This new format makes it very easy for me to update the site and add new content. Check out my page by clicking on the Meeks Zone, then Colin and see the other pages unfold under my name. There’s even my amazon wishlist, so Sherri and the kids have an idea of what to buy me at Christmas.

On a final note, our hockey team, the Ottawa Senators are doing well in the Stanley cup and are just one game away from the Finals. It will be the first time in the modern era, that the team has made the final and we’re all waiting with baited breathe, as is pretty much the whole of Ottawa.

I’ll try to get back into the habit of posting a bit more frequently. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the photo album, there’s new photos there all the time. Also be sure to sign out new guestbook, even if you’ve signed it before, as all the old entries are still languishing waiting to be imported.

Anyway off I pop. GO SENS GO!

My Daughter Lucy

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This was taken just before New Year and I just love it.