Monthly Archives: June 2007

New Camera

Finally got around to buying a new camera and what a stunner it is. My old Casio QV51 ( think it is) has seen better days, so I went out Saturday to pick up another Casio, as I’d been so impressed with the one I had. I plumped for the Casio Exilim EX-V7, which on paper had excellent specs, especially the 7x optical zoom. The feature that sold me, was the ability to capture widescreen video, in Quicktime H.264 mode. Whilst the video was excellent, the actual picture quality was really poor. This camera has image stabilisation, but you wouldn’t have guessed it by seeing the pictures.

So back to the store I went to get a refund and off I trotted to another store, as the camera I was going to pick up this time, was only available at another store. This time I went for the Canon Powershot A640 and man, the pictures are amazing. I picked this camera, as I’ve finally decided to experiment more with my photos and this seems to be the camera that will allow me to do that, without burning a huge whole in my pocked. The camera is 10 megapixels, with 4x optical zoom. Not a quantum leap in zoom, over what I already had, but still better. I’ve taken a tone of pics and some videos, and apart from my ineptitude on some of them, the results have been amazing. Just look at the “New Camera” album, in the Photo Album section of this site.

I’ve included a pic here of my son Adam. I managed to get this by turning on the burst mode, which allows me to keep taking pictures, by leaving my finger on the trigger. Absolutely priceless.

Summer’s Here. Arrrrrrrrrh, Mowing Lawns

As you’ve probably noticed the site has had another re-design. The previous design was only really a temporary one, as I was never really happy with it. Looked far too plain for me. The new design as you’ve probably noticed, has a picture that changes every time you visit a new page. I’ll try to add more pictures for that, as often as I can.

So my beloved Sens were unable to win the Stanley Cup. I wasn’t surprised, as for the majority of the final, they just didn’t seem to have any gas left in the tank. It’s a real shame. It’s an incredible site, seeing your city so energized. Admittedly you saw more and more people jumping onto the bandwagon, the longer the Sens went, but it’s still nice to see all the Sens flags flying from peoples cars. I have to admit, although I love my Sens dearly, this year I failed to get enveloped into everything like I usually do. I’m not sure if I kept my self detached, because I didn’t want to get disappointed, or whether it was just because I don’t have the passion to spare at the moment.

So now no hockey until October, it will be nice to have a bit of a rest. We certainly didn’t watch as many games as last year, but most of that was due to the new pay-per-view games, which there is no way in hell I’m going to pay for. We already pay over $50 per month for our satellite. We could pay an additional $30 a month for the CentreIce package, which we’ve done before, but it’s just too expensive, especially when you only really get an addition half dozen or so games.

Adam continues to grow like a weed. I wanted to dig out a nice recent picture of Adam and found this lovely one of him and Lucy. Lucy is so funny, she’s constantly putting her hand under his chin, tuning to me and saying “Cute”. Both Sarah and Lucy are head over heels in love with their little brother, but Lucy is sometimes like a little mother.

Today all the girls went shopping, leave us boys to watch the Formula 1 race and what a race it was. There was an incredible crash, in which the driver only suffered a broken leg. I tell you, it looked a lot worse than that. Thank God for all the modern day advances in crash protection.

Also got to do my favorite pasttime, mowing the lawn. Yes that is said with the greatest hint of sarcasm. It’s not so much that I hate it, it’s more that I hate mowing it with the stupid damn electric mower I have. Mowing the lawn should be a relatively effortless endeavor, but it’s not. I think I’m going to have to sort that out as it’s been the bane of my gardening life, since we moved here.

Mandi and Alanna are doing good. Mandi has finished Uni for the summer and Alanna will finish school this month. Both of them are looking to pick up as many shifts at work as they can. Relaxing is nice, but money is better, although I’m sure they will kick back and enjoy themselves every now and again.

Sherri is pretty much getting a handle on having 3 kids with here during the day. It was a struggle for the first couple of weeks, but it’s all about them finding their boundaries. Now the good weather is here, it’s a lot easier as they can spend a lot of time outside. We do have a fairly large swimming pool outside and had not got around to fencing it off. Well we’ve finally did that, so the pool is now child safe. We are also investing in a pool alarm, which detects if someone manages to get in. It will then sound a huge alarm. I’m hoping we never have occasion to hear it.

I think that pretty much wraps things up. For those that do not know, I have another blog kind of thing, which you may find of interest. It’s basically a place where I post all the fun and interesting things I find on the net, including pictures and videos. Have a look and let me know what you think. You can get to it by clicking here.

Until next time. See ya later.