Monthly Archives: October 2007

Happy Third Birthday Sarah and Lucy

OK, so maybe I’m a little late in posting this online, but it’s only now that I’ve finished uploading the whole days photos to our photo album, and I couldn’t post this message without an accompanying picture.

There’s a couple of videos going up over the next couple of days, including one videoed when we woke the girls up. Sarah was up and out the door, but Lucy was a bit cranky and told Sherri and I to “go away”. Once she’d woken up a bit, she was fine. What was really the highlight of the morning, is when they came downstairs and saw just a few of their presents. They had to contain themselves a few hours before actually opening them, as we wanted them to wait until after the party. The last thing we wanted was them having more interest in their new things, than their party guests.

The clown arrived at just after 10:30am. Yes I said clown, although it wasn’t a full on, in your face kind of clown, but a more children friendly version. The last thing we wanted to do was traumatize the kids for the rest of their lives. The clown went down well, especially when she pulled out her little bunny. You should have seen the little kids eyes light up.

The party was over by 1pm and the girls then spent the next hour or so opening their presents. It was just like a prelude to Christmas. They got lots of lovely things from their friends and it was so nice to see that a lot of though had obviously gone into them.

Anyway gonna wrap things up. This weekend has been a real long one, what with Canadian Thanks Giving as well as the party. It was great to spend some real quality time with the kids. Adam continues to come on leaps and bounds. I swear he’ll be walking soon, he’s so strong on his feet, with a little assistance of course. I have to tell you, when he looks into my eyes, it gives me the most amazing feeling of love and being loved. In fact all my kids continually show me, what a lucky man I am.