Monthly Archives: February 2008

A Little Beadlebum Magic

Here’s a memory that just sparked in my distant memories. It’s the words to the intro song to the Beadlebum radio show on LBC. Words may not be totally accurate, or complete, but this is how I remember it. Let me know if you remember different. The 261 refers to the position on the mediam wave/AM dial.

Beadlebum, Beadlebum, B, B, Beadlebum
Beadlebum, Beadlebum, 261
Pick up the phone and join in the fun on
Sunday night’s were made for you,
With Beadlebum and all the crew
It’s pleasant competition time,
So better not leave your brains behind
The sensible ridiculous comes in time.
So stand by your radio and get in a line, to
Beadlebum, Beadlebum, B, B, Beadlebum