Monthly Archives: March 2009

I See a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Can anybody hear me. Oh dear, forgive me blogfather, it’s been 8 months since my last post, and even that was only the 4th or 5th post of that year. I went through a bit of a writing drought after Adam was born, but though I was getting back on track and then life and work just exploded and I just don;t know where I am at the moment.

This blog is not the only thing that’s suffered. My Indie Launchpad website and podcast are on a bit of a hiatus, as I just can’t seem to find time, to sit down and listen to music. I have to admit, this is really killing me, as anyone that knows me, will tell you that music is very special to me. It’s funny though, as winter is usually the time everyone hibernates, and we haven;t really been anywhere this winter, it’s just been too cold. It’s bad enough taking the girls to school when it’s -30c with the windchill. Fortunately it’s relatively easy to throw them in the car and drop them off, but I can tell you, even walking them to the door, along with Adam is enough to freeze your nuts off.

Last year we were fortunate to get away for a bit of a holiday. We went to Toronto and did all the touristy stuff, like Canada’s Wonderland, the Toronto Zoo and Medieval Knights, which was really great. Adam is growing all the time and it was nice to see him lapping up all the different things around him. Sherri’s brother John and his partner Neil were our hosts and made us feel very welcome.

Let me just say in my defence before I go any further, although I have neglected this blog a bit, I have still been posting lots of photos and videos on the photo and video pages of this website, so you can still get a fairly good fix there.

I think the other main frustration I have is not being able to find the time to write. I was at one time writing for the Canadian national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, but that kind of fizzled out. I was also a contributor and indeed co-founder of the Podcast User Magazine, but that too has kind of been pushed to a back burner on a very, very light flame. With those two publications, I was kind of forced to work to deadlines, and it allowed me to become very focused, which silt over onto all the other things I was doing. Now I find myself procrastinating and it became something of a running joke to myself about writing this entry. At least that first hurdle is over with now.

Christmas was a particularly fun time with lots of Sherri’s family coming over for a visit and a drink or two. There was a rumour that some moonshine was doing the rounds, but I couldn’t possible deny or confirm this ;-)

So that’s kind of where I’m at now. Trying to refocus and get my life back on track. Hopefully I can at least write here a bit more frequently. For anyone that is interested in my more techy writing, you can find plenty to read over here, but again this is another area that needs a jolt, something that I’m already working on. If you want to see the funnies and weird things I find on the web, take a look at my Tumblr page which is where I post everything, instead of having to send out a constant stream of emails.

Another thing that’s become a bit of a distraction is Twitter. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, but only really got the point of it all, when I got an iPod Touch for Christmas, now don’t get me started on the iPod Touch, a device for which my wife feels is surgically connected to me at times. In fact I probably spend more time ready my email on the Touch, that I do on my laptop or desktop computer.

Anyway I think that about brings things up to date. The weather here is beginning to break. The snow is fading fast and while our clocks have sprung forward, I sense it’s still going to be a few more weeks before we can honestly say winter is behinds us.

Anyway if you’re reading this and I haven’t spoken with you in a while, just drop me a line, to say hello and reassure me that I’m not writing and posting this to a blank audience.

Hope all is well with you an yours. Colin