Monthly Archives: February 2010

My Computer Odyssey (Part 1)

Just to let you all know, I published the first part the story, of how I got into computers, over at my other site the direct link is here.

Happy New Year

Yes, indeedy a new year has started, and it wasn’t until I looked back on my last year of blogs, that I realised I only made two entries. Oops. While it’s all very well making promises and the like, about how I’m going to mend my ways, until I manage to sort out the chaos that is my life, I’ll be posting as and when I can. With that being said, I find myself missing the creative outlet, that is partly made up of this and a few other of my blogs. Sometimes you just have to make time and that;s what I am going to try to do.

this week has had me all nostalgic, about growing up and some of the things that define me as an adult, from my school year, of which I’ve already made a sizable post, to the computers and stuff I grew up with, so I hope this is going to be where I start.

On top of all that, Google has just announced that they are going to stop the ability to use FTP on Blogger, on which this blog is run. This is a major pain, as I have 5 years worth of blog, that I need to move over to something else. I actually wrote a tool that converted all of my Blogger stuff to RSS, so I could easily import it to WordPress, as at the time I last tried, the built in function did not work. I tried to dust off my old utility, but Google must have changed something as it no longer works, oh well, never mind, will try to fix it, if I still need it.

Anyway that’s just me checking in. If I haven’t spoken to you in a while, drop me an email or post a comment. See ya soon.