Monthly Archives: January 2011

Farewell 2010. Hello 2011

To anyone that’s still around in the vague hope that I might one day again update this blog… tada, here you go. Not that I write for anyone else, but my self of course.

At this time of year it’s customary to look back on the year and reflect on what has happened and try to look to the future. I can’t say that I’m sorry to see the back of 2010. On the whole it was a pretty draining year, but in life, you have to ride the rough, to appreciate the smooth.

The Meeks household is anything but dull. With 3 kids under 7, there’s certainly no lack of energy buzzing through house, although sometimes this energy, can, how shall I put it, lead to a certain amount of mischief. I know, kids will be kids, but it can lead to tempers fraying a little, but on the whole they are good kids, who do us proud. For the last two years, I was fortunate to be able to spend two days a week at home with the kids, going in at night when Sherri had got home. This wasn’t so bad in the summer, when the weather was great and I’d pick them up from school (they were still only at school for half days) and we’d stop off at the park and then head home for lunch and a swim. In the Winter time though it was much harder. You can’t really play much in -20c temperatures, when the wind is biting. So then spending the remainder of the day couped up could lead to a bit of stir craziness. Alas, as of September I went back to working normal hours in September, when the kids started Grade 1, which means they are now in school full time. I still miss my days with the kids and to a certain degree, working at night when there was no one around, but it’s nice to be home and part again of everyday family life.

Adam has now completed his first year of Montessori and his development over the year has been amazing. There’s nothing that I love more than picking him up after work (Yes he’s only 3 and he’s doing full days already) and hearing him sing a new song. Recently he’s taken to reciting the continents of the world. Every now and then he says, ” I love you all my heart”, which would all but the coldest of hearts.

Mandi and Alanna are out and about doing their own thing. As they get older, we see less of them, but I suppose that’s what happens to kids. I kind of understand what my parents went though, and how I was often a little too lacadasical calling my Mum and Dad after I left home.

Sherri has had an eventful year. She had RNY surgery in July and has so far lost in excess of 100lb. She looked amazing before and now she looks even more amazing, if that’s possible. She’s also had upheaval, at work. Her position with the provincial Ottawa government was terminated, but fortunately, as with most of her co-workers they were offered federal positions. So now Sherri commutes to work on the bus as she’s now in the heart of downtown Ottawa.

This year has been exceedingly light with blog entries. Indeed, I haven’t written much of anything at all, which really bugs me and is something I want to rectify this year.

I’m not one for making New Years resolutions, as they are usually unrealistic, but I would like to at least make a list of objectives for the New Year.

  • Get some more quality time alone with Sherri
  • Write more
  • Listen to more music (Something I’ve also not done enough of)
  • Drink more water
  • Get out more with the kids (More seems to be a prevailing theme)
  • Ride the Steam Train in Sheffield, Quebec
  • Get this website redesigned and finished

Not so much an adventurous to do list, but very achievable I think. Me and Sherri did get to snatch a weekend away to Toronto, which was a great aid to recharging the batteries. Getting this website up to date is something I really need to do. The photo’s are not in place, nor the videos. The design is also nowhere near where it needs to be and…. well there’s lots to do.

Well that about wraps it up I suppose. There’s so much more I want to add, but if I don’t publish this, it will stay in a bit bucket for an age. I’ll try to get some thoughts and stuff together soon.

If you haven’t reached out and said hello in ages, drop me an email. Hope all is well with you.