Family Fun at the Natural History Museum

Oh dear, and so the great blogging experiment of March is faltering a bit, but still, it’s having the intended overall effect of making me write more.

Yesterday I took the day off work, as my Sherri was off and the kids were off for March break. We had intended to have a family day at the Civilization Museum, just over the bridge in Quebec. Unfortunately when we got there, it was pretty clear, the place was jamming, as the only parking we could find was a way, away from the museum. We really wanted to see the iMax movie, so if the place was really busy, it would have been a real pain having to queue.

So instead of that we headed off downtown, to the Natural History museum. Although they have a fairly small car park, we only had to queue for a few minutes, before being ushered through. Why they ushered us through, I don’t know as we did a few laps of the car park, before deciding to just wait for someone to vacate a space. This didn’t go down well with the cars behind us, but stuff’em that’s what I say.

So having parked we went into the museum. We hadn’t been as a family since they were in the midst of renovation, so it was nice to see it finally finished. We started off in the basement with the Animalium, which was basically a basement full of bugs. There was also a great HD movie, with bugs and insects, with voices being provided by English actors. It was pretty gross, but really funny at the same time.

After watching the movie we went back to the ground floor to eat. Finding a free table was a challenge, but we were finally able to sit down. While I watched the kids, Sherri got us some really tasty scoff. The kids had grilled cheese and an apple juice, I had a really nice roast beef ciabata with an orange juice and Sherri had a chicken, bacon wrap. When I saw the receipt for $36, my first thought was “How Much!”. Then I thought about it a little and realised it would have cost us a similar amount, if not more, for McDonalds. Besides which, my sandwich was very tasty.

We then proceeded to the first floor. This is where the Dinosaurs were. I’m always fascinated to see the fossilised remains (or replicas for that matter), but can’t help but get a school boy excitement when I see the replica, full size, or bloody big at least, version that were towards the back of the floor.

Next floor up, it was mammals and water. There were some great polar bears and arctic foxes on display, not real, but they do make great photo opportunities.

Next floor was the Earth. I think the penguins were on this floor as well. I have to admit, by this time I was beginning to flag. Most of my energy was zapped, by Adam running off, wanting to go up and up and up.

The final floor was where the kids got a chance to colour and make a ball in the cup toy. Lucy at first was more interested in playing with the other kids, but finally settled down to do her toy not long before we left.

We did see a lot more than I’ve detailed here, but you get the general gist. I have to say it kind of reminded me of all the time I used to spend in the Science and Natural History museums in London. As a kid, my friends and I would spend a good part of our school summer holidays there.

Overall a fun day out. When we got home I was pretty knackered. Sherri ended up putting the kids to bed and by the time she came downstairs, I was fast asleep. I finally peeled myself off the chair at about 11:30pm and left Sherri watching a TV dramatisation of Anna Karinina, but now with less noise (me snoring)

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