Mine’s a Pint

A big part of my growing up in London, happened in pubs. I started to drink, probably around 14 or 15. At that time, it was cheap, low strength lager from the off-license, or cider that my Mum or Dad would let me have at home. I’d had a pint or two in various pubs, but didn’t frequent them too often, other than when I was with my Dad and I’d get a shandy and a pack of crisps.

It was only today, when I was doing a search on Google, which lead to an image search, which led to a picture of the street sign of my Mum and Dad’s Street, and a picture of the Lord Nelson pub, though it’s now residential, having not been a pup since 2002. I began to think of the all the pubs I’ve frequented and the ones I used to call my Local, so thought it would be an interesting exercise. Probably way too much for a single blog entry, so I will split it over several.

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