Bloody Typical LOL

School’s been back since September and the kids have been a nightmare to get up in the morning. I’ve been waking up at 5:30am, or rather the alarm has been going off and I usually spend half hour listening to the radio, finally getting out of bed when I hear the news at the top of the hour. As for the kids, I’m lucky to peel them from their sheets before about 7:15, with Sarah being extra sticky and hanging on sometimes until 7:45.

Anyway I had the realisation yesterday that I was wasting that half hour in the morning. Why not just get up at 5:30, get ready and then I can listen to the news at 6 downstairs, all ready and raring to go. That is what I did this morning. So imagine my surprise, when I get downstairs at ten to 6 to find Lucy and Adam up watching a movie. Not only that, but Sarah then comes down about 15 minutes later. There was me, all prepared to get their lunches ready and then have nearly an hour to relax on my own. Yeah right.

Oh well, as I speak it’s just before 7am and their lunches are done, they are dressed and all had breakfast, so it’s an hour of lounging around watching TV. Something they haven’t done in ages. If I’m lucky I can get some more writing in.

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